Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy's Birthday, by Ava

You have to love how kids always manage to make birthdays exciting. The girls were super excited about Ryan's birthday and our birthday party at home - Ava especially.

While the twins were still napping, she helped me get ready and dictate what we should do next. She asked to take a few pictures and I let her . . .but somehow, she managed to sneak away while I was making dinner. When I uploaded our camera? I found a LONG array of pictures - I weaned them down lots . . .but then kind of had fun looking at life through her eyes.

The streamers in the kitchen
She told me to pose by Daddy's birthday balloons and present
her present for daddy
Me cooking
One of her preschool pictures on the fridge
One guess why I like this pix : )
Had to include gpa and gma's in the photo journey
Ava insisted Daddy needed streamers on his door like we do for their birthdays
Ava has built a full stable in her bedroom she plays faithfully with each day
Ahh, some parts of real life aren't as pretty but I had to include it. Kate and Olivia have this wonderful tradition that they need to change clothes multiple times a day, especially before naps. And their way of looking is emptying out their dresser. So no matter how often I pick it up, this awaits me fairly quickly again. This is actually a pretty mild version.
A shot of Kate and Olivia's doll house

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Applesauce Day!

My mom came down a couple weeks ago and helped me make our applesauce to enjoy this coming year. The girls got right to work . . .

Kate having fun coloring her box
Ava showing off her box
Ahh, the joys of being a kid. Coloring and watching a movie : )
But once we got to the actual making of the sauce, the girls totally surprised and impressed me
Kate took a turn
Then Olivia
Ava worked really hard and would always remind me, "tell me when it's ready mom!!"
Kate and Olivia took a little break
Before heading hard back to work!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

one last jump in the leaves

Before all the rain and cold weather came, the girls and Daddy did one last "leaf fest" on a beautiful evening.

This momma's not quite ready for winter . . .

Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Fieldtrip!

I was able to join Ava on her first field trip the other week! It was such a fun time with my girl and watching her take it all in. We got to go see a puppet show (that doesn't do it justice though!) of Runaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon. I was totally impressed. Ava loved it - and mommy was impressed how well she paid attention.

Waiting for the show to start
Ava insisted on a picture of mommy . . .
and then of course we had to take a shot of her.
After it all was done, the puppeteers (is that what I should call them?) came out and let the kids ask them questions about how they made things work.
The cow "jumping over the moon"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun in leaves!

On one of those beautiful days we had this month, we got to out and for a full morning playing in the leaves. It was a super fun morning and even more fun because we had a friend to share it with us.
My happy girl
love this photo - it feels like a captured moment
Olivia having fun
Kate's turn!
a sister shot
leaf war!
friends - it's fun watching these two grow up together

Something Green

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 4

I'm no photographer like my talented friend Tami . .. but after viewing all of her fun photos she's been posting as a way to celebrate her own 30th birthday, I had to join. I can't promise I'll make every day, but I'll try . . .

Today's Challenge? Something green.

I wasn't sure at all what to photograph and I kind of even wandered around my first floor looking for something, anything inspiring. But I wasn't finding it.

Then my eyes smiled on the little bit of reality in my life:

Giant Tinkerbell Coloring Pad (earned as a reward for good behavior)? Check.

Clean clothes and underwear (emphasis clean : ) ), waiting to be folded? Check.

And what is more green than a 2 yr old getting possessive?
TWO 2 yr old's.

Trust me, buried beneath that cuteness I'm sure there is a shade of green somewhere. : )

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My man is 30!!!!

***Just had to come say "THANKS" for helping making Ryan's birthday so fun. It was really neat for both of us to read what you all shared . . .I joked to Ryan that I may need to come share a few fun stories just to balance everything out! : ) But thanks for sharing!!!!

Today is Ryan's 30th Birthday.
No big party is planned - last weekend we got together with a few friends for dinner and dessert and had a fun laidback evening. Ryan wasn't excited by the idea of doing anything big.

Tonight we're celebrating as our little family with home made pizzas and pumpkin painting.

We do things big around here like that. : )

But I thought it wouldn't seem right if we didn't at least acknowledge my man's growth in "wisdom." : ) And so an idea crossed my mind . . .

I would love if those of you who are Ryan's family and friends each made a comment on this post sharing something you appreciate about him. Just a small way of making this a neat day for him - because I firmly believe there is something to be celebrated with each new year, regardless of the number.

We'll go first:

What do you love about Daddy?

Olivia: "KISSES! and Uncle David. (whoops, off point . . . or I suppose Uncle David is in her life because of Daddy so I guess we'll let it count).

Kate: "French Fries. and Chicken Nuggets!!! Uncle David and Aunt Callie (I'm detecting a theme). . .and playing on the slide."

Ava: Because he gives me hugs and kisses. He goes on dates with me and gets me flowers. He gives me juice and m & m's every day . . . " (Hmmm, I'm learning things. I may have to investigate that one further).

For me?

I kind of had to think, looking at our family picture that I posted, how often I thank God for the father Ryan is to our girls.

I can remember falling in love with him in college for lots of reasons (good looks, strong faith and character, quiet confidence, sense of humor . . .ok, I'll stop before this gets too gaggy). But I also distinctly remember observing him on numerous occasions thinking he is going to make one amazing dad some day.

Today? I still observe him with our girls and think he's as good a dad as I ever thought he'd be.
I'm so thankful for his interaction with our girls and how much he lets them know their daddy loves them.

I'm thankful for the many times he has stepped in when his wife is at her end (yes, me) and supported me as a mom . . .and encouraged me to take time for me.

I'm thankful that even as a mom, he has never let me forget I am his wife. . .and let our girls know that as well.

I'll stop and let the rest of you share. . . .

Happy 30th Birthday Babe!

Wisconsin Dells - Part III

Our last day in Wisconsin, we headed to a nearby state park. It was a gorgeous day and the park was beautiful. We got this really cute picture of the twins - and then Ryan realized he still had the "fishbowl" effect turned on with the camera. : ) Good thing we caught it before the rest of the day!
We hiked around the edge of the lake a little bit

Ava and Mommy
On the side of the trail were huge piles of rocks our girls had a ball climbing up
A family shot
Proud of their climbing
The view from our perch on the rocks - you can see Aunt Callie and Grandma on the trail
the girls and Aunt Callie
Love the fall colors on the trees - I told Ryan that I couldn't imagine how pretty it would have to be even just one week after we were there.
Another family shot - can you tell Kate and Olivia were getting a little tired of the camera?
Ava started getting really adventurous and had me help her climb out to this rock by the water.
Love this girl!
I guess they still classify as the "newlyweds?" : )
Grandpa and Grandma and the girls
love this shot of the two of them
Before we headed all the way back, I had promised Ava that I would climb "really high" with her up the rocks one last time
Our far away shot - see us? : )
Olivia just had fun cheering us on
Daddy and Olivia
Ava "needed" one more shot
Thanks for a great vacation Grandpa and Grandma!