Monday, October 17, 2011

Wisconsin Dells

We got to spend the beginning of October with Ryan's family at the Wisconsin Dells. It was great to be with them!

The first morning the girls were thrilled to head to the first pool of the day
However, once we got there, they got totally overwhelmed (not to mention Olivia was feeling under the weather). After wondering if it was going to be a long few days of girls not liking the water parks, we found something they were excited about - bumper boats!

Olivia and Uncle David
Ava and Daddy
Grandpa and Kate
Ava refused to ride any slides the entire day (well, I take that back, I made her ride one in the morning and she wasn't happy with me). Ryan and I had ridden one we knew she would love and at the end of the day, took her up with us for one ride down.
After she came down (head buried in my lap), she half cried, "I want to go AGAIN." And we proceeded to happily ride it over and over until the slide shut down for the night. : )
Then even Olivia joined in for a ride that night . . .
Kate absolutely refused. : )
Snuggling before bed
Ava and Grandma played more than few games of old maid
The next morning we started a little less overwhelming and went to a quieter park - a much better move.

Enjoying the kids area
Kate decided this slide was worth a ride
Ava and Olivia having fun
Grandpa and Kate playing


Mindy said...

Looks like so much fun! The one of Kate refusing to go on the slide made me laugh out loud!