Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kate and Olivia's first taste of cereal

Tonight we gave the twins' their first taste of cereal.

Some of you may remember Ava's first encounter with the stuff.

We'll just say she liked it.

So I was a little curious to see how the twins would do.

Despite the fact that I probably made it thicker than I should have, Olivia was decently interested and did all right with it, although there's definitely room for improvement.


Let's just say I think Kate would prefer to pass next time.

Although in her defense, her diligent face washer named Ava probably didn't help the cause.

I'll let you see for yourself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

when it rains, you read . . . .

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Party #2

It's a little belated, but here's a few snapshots from Ava's other birthday with my side of the family.

We spent the afternoon swimming and Ava had a ball. After a slow start in the pool this summer, she was ready to go full swing ahead. I lost count of the number of times she'd go off the diving board and as soon as her feet had hit the water would be saying, "MORE!"

The two birthday girls: Addy and Ava!

The only present I got of picture of was one she got from my parents. The video of it all is pretty cute - she was so excited as soon as she saw and ran full speed for it and got on. Then all of a sudden she looked up and saw this crowd of people all standing around looking at her and shut down. She refused to ride it.

When you don't want to ride, what do you do? PUSH! Within two minutes of having it outside the next afternoon, Ava was a pro and loves driving it around the yard. It's been fun to watch her.

Getting ready to blow her candles out on her birthday cake.

She is a frosting girl - licking the frosting off the bottom of the cake.

Olivia was all set to party.

Friday, August 21, 2009

for the curious . ..

For those out there wondering, Ava still has her paci.

I've been weighing through everyone's comments - it's been fun to hear all of your thoughts!

I talked to Ava's pediatrician.

He was SUPER relaxed about it.

He didn't think it was a problem for her to still have it and actually said he'd just kind of let her lead the way with it.

My big decision is either NOW - or wait a few months.

Since potty training is my big priority and we have some busy months upcoming, my plans are to potty train after Labor Day.

I don't want to wait longer for that.

So basically? I change my mind 10 times a day.

Sometimes I think I've made it WAY too huge in my mind and just need to bite the bullet and do it.

I know there is truth to that.

Then I put my girls to bed for a nice quiet and peaceful afternoon and change my mind.

Ryan is ready to throw me out the window with my constantly changing mind. : )

The incredible man he is, he said it was up to me.

Those of you who know my incredible gift at decisiveness (that was sarcasm by the way) are chuckling to yourselves.

So that's where we are at.

no where. : )

I want complete honesty.

if you were in my shoes, what would you do.

Take the paci monday or let it go.

I'm super curious.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what do you even say to this.

What happens when Mommy thinks Ava is with Daddy and Daddy thinks Ava is with mommy?

Any advice on how to get balmax out of cushions, linen curtains and carpet would be much appreciated.

The irony of it all? Ava had just had a bath.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the paci saga begins . . .

We're getting ready to let go of Ava's paci. And all you moms understand what I mean when I say "WE" instead of just "Ava."

I've been trying to talk to Ava about it.

"Ava, pretty soon you'll be big like Addy and Brynne and not need your paci." (her cousins)

"In a little while we'll say 'by,by paci.' "

"You're so big, you don't need your paci anymore."

You get the point.

Ava's responses have been a little humerous.

First time I brought it up she responded with a simple "no please."

Kind of like she thought "that was the end of that."

The next day I heard, "No. Ava. Paci. Mouth."

Yesterday it was, "No. Ava need paci."

That one stopped me in my tracks.

My 2 yr old child, on her own, just informed me that she "NEEDS" her paci. Where do they learn this stuff?

But truth be told, this mommy is learning she kind of needs it to.

Daddy thinks it's time.

I told him fine. He can stay home from work the week we take it away. I'll go stay at my sisters and sleep. : )

But he's right.

It is time. And it isn't going to get easier.

But I'm getting nervous to mess with my peaceful afternoons.

I revamped all girls' sleeping schedules slightly and usually get at least an hour and a half of all 3 girls sleeping every afternoon and sometime 2+ hours.

It's blissful.

It preserves my sanity.

I NEED it. : )

However, I don't want a 5 year old with a paci.

I do know the misery is usually always short lived.

And I'd like to take the paci away before I fully dive into potty training and that I don't want to keep putting off as I have a ready daughter.

I had been thinking I was going to take the plunge this thursday. But we have plans thursday night and a wedding sunday. Neither one sounds fun to have a whiny, over-tired child who hasn't napped well/slept well to deal with.

So I'm starting to think maybe next week.

But I've been saying this for a month as I keep coming up with plans still to come that it sounds easier to HAVE a paci along for than NOT.
I then justify it with the fact that she only is allowed her paci while in bed sleeping.

Hmmm . . .we have a trip up north on Labor day a paci sure would be nice for.

You get the point. : )

So all you moms who have gone before, pour on the advice.

What worked?

What didn't?

How long?

I want it all - the good, the bad AND the ugly. : )

Of course, worst thing that happens is you all tell me to let her keep the paci until she's 5 which she will then sweetly go over to the trash and throw it away and our lives will continue on in blissful peacefulness undisturbed (with unaffected teeth as well).

I'm waiting!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Party #1 and THE WIGGLES! : )

Ava's birthday was this past sunday - it was so fun to have her at an age where she anticipated it and got excited about. Our family "tradition" (if two years counts for a tradition : ) ) is to decorate the kitchen and have their presents waiting for them when they wake up.

Ava was excited to see the streamers in her doorway (although she is still at the age, that in most pictures, her expression just seems to say "huh?" : )
Before we went downstairs, Ava insisted on holding Kate and trying to help her finish her bottle.

Time to burp!

Playing with her new doctor's kit. She loves to tell her babies "be brave" before giving them a shot.

We had a birthday party that night with the Prevo's. I was so sad when I realized after the party that all my pictures, were just of Ava. So maybe Gpa and Gma will have to email me some of their's (hint, hint).
I made the mistake of bringing out her cupcake in the middle of coloring. She dutifully blew out the candle . . .and then returned to her more pressing work.

Opening presents!
A new dress from Grandma Great (while sitting in her new chair from Aunt Callie and Uncle David)

She loved her care bear card from Gpa and Gma.

And her new sleeping bag has gotten lots of use since she opened it up!

The biggest hit? Ava's new swing. Several times throughout the day she points it out to me through the windows. : )

Even Kate loved her first time swinging outside like a "big kid" (although Grandma playing with her might have had something to do with it).

Then last night, Ryan and I took Ava out for a night on the town to go see the Wiggles live. Truthfully, both Ryan and I said the best part was almost the entire day BEFORE the show. Ava was so excited and jumping off the walls as she'd tell you "See the wiggles. Babies. Home. Grandma." Here we are ready to head on our way.

Once we got there, pretty much any picture attempt ended like this. She was too fascinated by the huge room, lots of people and noise. Although she'd periodically call out VERY loudly, "SEE THE WIGGLES" as she waited. : )

With how excited Ava had been, I had kind of forgotten how I initially expected her to kind of freak out when the show started with all the sounds and noise. Well sure enough, about 2 minutes in, her fascination turned to tears. The good news? They were short lived. It was fun watching her try and take it all in . . .from the security of my lap. I don't think she sat in her seat for all of 5 minutes the entire time. But it was so fun to watch the show through her eyes.

Ava was quite excited when Dorothy and Wags came out.

Daddy and Ava after the show.

We didn't think we'd be allowed to use our video camera and so didn't take it along. So once I can figure out how to load the videos we took off our camera, I'll have to post a couple. You could tell Ava soaked in her night out with just her and mommy and daddy. We love you Ava Cherise and couldn't be more thankful for you!!!

loved this one . . .

I was reading at Family Life's Mom Blog and loved the challenge of this post from tuesday. So thought I'd share - enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

say it isn't so . . .

But all signs seem to indicate that Kate wakes up like her mommy: Slowly and with flashing signs reading "proceed with caution."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a rarity

So one of the things I've noticed lately is how few pictures of my girls and me that I have. I'm the one who tends to grab the camera in the family and by consequence, most (if not all)playing/snuggling shots are of Ryan and the girls. One of my absolute favorite pictures I have of Ava and myself was taken by my Aunt Cindy when I took Ava home to michigan for the first time at 8 weeks old.
A few weekends ago, my cousin Brad and his new wife Jenna had a wedding reception we were at and my Aunt Cindy was there again with her faithful camera. She took some snapshots of me and the girls and just emailed me one of the pictures today as she was still working on the rest. I LOVE it.

Olivia and Mommy

I can't wait to see some of the others you took Aunt Cindy - thanks for making my day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

all in a saturday . . .

A saturday with nothing to do and nowhere to go except where our whims take us? That's been a rarity of lately so we had to take full advantage of it!"

On the way home from the gym this morning, a new learning center just opening up was throwing a free kid's carnival. So we pulled on in and Ava had a ball!

Ava got to jump in her first moon bounce - we could hardly pull her away. I'm thinking a trampoline may go high on her christmas list this year. She LOVES to jump (and mom thinks it sounds like a great way to get energy out this winter : ) ).

Amongst the many other activities (games, petting zoo, animal balloons/tatoos, hotdogs - you name it!) were pony rides. After some initial hesitation, Ava loudly declared she wanted to ride the pony and loved it (although notice the tight clinging to mommy? : ) ).
And please note the emphasis of ON THE WAY HOME FROM THE GYM . . .

Before Ava went down for her nap, she helped me bake some birthday cupcakes for her party with Gpa and Gma Prevo tomorrow. She was quite proud that she stirred by "self." I promised her I would bake them while she slept and she was quite excited to see them waiting to be frosted once she woke up.

We got straight to work.

Hmmm. This frosting stuff is kind of good.

I'll try some more.

After she ate all the frosting off the cupcake she had frosted, she put it down, and reached out for "another one." She would have frosted that one and just eaten the top off of that one too if I would have let her.

next came the sprinkles.

and a taste.

And sprinkles.

and a taste.

and sprinkles.

and a taste (do you see a theme yet?!). I was a little sick to my stomach watching by now but hey - your birthday only comes around once a year!

And because my daughter hadn't ingested enough sugar yet, after dinner, we took her to Dairy Queen for a "pre-birthday treat." Ava's treat of choice? A "red slush."

And through it all where did my two sweet munchkins hang out for much of the day?



And with that I'm off to get a house ready for an almost 2 yr old's birthday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

guess who is 5 months old?!

Kate (left) and Olivia (right)
Yes, technically they were 5 months old on monday. But with our busy schedule these past few weeks, only two days late is quite impressive.
Sweet Olivia
Happy Kate

I tell you . . .it's all in how you train them.
(ahh - the joy in selective photo sharing. : ) )

Playing with Daddy before heading to bed

Sunday brought about a spontanious trip to Mattoon to go visit Ryan's Grandpa. He'd never seen the twins before so it was fun to be able to introduce them to their Grandpa Jack.

Ava spent the good part of her day playing with the birthday balloon Grandpa Jack gave her. Can you believe she turns two NEXT WEEK!?!?!?! As we've talked about it with her, we've spent part of our days lately singing "Happy Birthday" to whomever crosses her mind. It's a new favorite. Good chance it's been sung for you!

Oh how I love these two girls.
Kate and Olivia - while there are times you manage to exhaust mommy with your double team. . .I couldn't imagine life without the pair of you. Your smiles and giggles (and even your wiggles ; ) ) bring joy to our house every single day.