Friday, January 30, 2009

SO, if I was 32 weeks pregnant with twins . . .

Yea, you're right, I probably wouldn't look like this. I suppose I can't pull off a "switch-a-roo" on you all again?

So for comparison's sake . . .this is me 24 weeks pregnant with the twins. They say to expect looking around 5 - 6 months pregnant when you leave the hospital after baby though. . should I just claim this as my "after" photo?!?! : )
But if I was 32 weeks pregnant with twins . . .I might look like this.

I still think I should have just copied/pasted Ann's photo and claimed it as mine though. : )

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

32 weeks!

It seems unreal but today I find myself at 32 weeks. My doctor's big goal for me this pregnancy has been to for sure hit 34 weeks, but 32 weeks is a huge milestone in terms of the babies' health/condition should they need to make a sudden appearance.

I've been thankful for how well, in the whole scheme of things, this pregnancy has gone. My blood pressure remains incredibly normal for me - I tend to have a low blood pressure anyways and it's remained that way thus far; which the nurses commented today can be rare with one baby, much less than with two.

My doctor also commented today how pleased he is with how I've been doing (other than the typical aches/complaints to be expected) . which I replied is largely do to an incredibly amazing husband! Ryan does deserve so much of the credit with how much he has enabled me to rest/take it easy as I need to.

There are days I feel like I'm swollen - but in all actuality know that's just the reality of putting on the neccesary weight for a twin pregnancy . . .on a 5'3 frame. Other than the occasional day of too much time on my feet, I've largely avoided that as well thus far. I thought I was going to be brave and post a picture . . .but chickened out. : ) We'll see some other day.

Both girls were doing great today - squirmy as usual! Even more exciting? They continue to measure well and are growing at a healthy rate. As Dr. Nord told me their estimated sizes it was crazy to think how close they are to weights that we could bring them straight home from the hospital without an extended stay. Lots to be thankful for!


Baby A measured 4 lb 2 oz (2 days before 32 weeks)
Baby B measured 4 lb 7 oz (32 weeks, 3 days)

Currently, Baby A is head down, while Baby B is head up. I've been getting LOTS of question about what type of a delivery I'll have and when . . .and the grand answer is: I DON"T KNOW! : ) There are so many factors outside of my control that I"m really going to just have to go into the next few weeks trusting Dr. Nord and, ultimately, the One in charge.

This is what I do know:

Dr. Nord won't have me go past 37 weeks - which is the first week of March. He does want me past 34 weeks which is Feb. 10th. His big weight goal is 2 babies at 6 pounds. He is willing to let me attempt a vaginal birth as long as one baby is in position and my cervix is opening well with labor.

The big wild card? Baby number 2. So his current position is: if my cervix opens wells, baby number 1 can definately be delivered vaginally. Baby number 2 is up in the air and dependent on several factors: my cervix, baby's heart rate/health, my own health, baby's position after the first baby is born (they often can turn again or change position - for better or worse) . . .

I guess my biggest prayer right now is just that I can continue to surrender to whatever comes. Truthfully, as people ask, it's easy to get anxious about how little of a real answer I have since I don't know the when's and where's myself- there are just so many wildcards. Whether I find myself with an emergency c-section, a smooth vaginal delivery of 2 babies, or one of each . . .I can't control the outcome and God will provide regardless. It's not up to me. So my prayer has been in finding the promise of being out of control . . .and having God in control.

I'm taking one day at a time - I have fairly good days (like today) and then will encounter days where I can do very little on my feet. Yet Ava continues to keep me hopping while still being a good sport on the days Mommy needs to take it easier.

On a more sober note . . .

I'm sad to report the fish #4 has decided to leave us as well. I'm starting to think that we're not cut out for this. : )

Ryan decided to change their water last night (he thought it looked too dirty) and our guess is that we didn't put the correct number of drops in the water to create an optimal ph.

After considering our name options (chocolate and chip were suggested to us well), we had decided to go with Rice and Krispie (It seemed to fit the current theme we had going).

So only Krispie remains. Hopefully his name isn't a statement of foreboding!

And while we're on updates . .. : )

Ava has been doing great in her big girl bed. Other than that awful first night, she has done fabulous adjusting. The only rough part has been that she is waking up about an hour and a half earlier than she was when she was in her crib (without compensating in a longer nap). We have room darkening shades ordered to see if that will make a difference. But if that's my only complaint, I know I have very little to complain about.

She continues to amaze me with her ingenuity these days. She loves playing with her baby dolls and cleaning is a late obsession. If I give her wash rags, she'll merrily "scrub" our kitchen floor for 20 minutes straight.

Mommy decided to take advantage of her busyness scrubbing yesterday and was getting some things done in the other room (I know, never a good set up). All of a sudden I heard some splashes and quickly walked around the side of the kitchen.

I found my daughter, dipping her washrags in the toilet before she would then wipe them on our floor. Ava promptly looked up at me, smiled, and told me, "Clean." The idea was right. The source of mopping water? - not so exciting!

Later that afternoon she had taken an awful nap and Mommy was not ready to be off her feet.
So I was taking it easy and letting Ava kind of entertain herself (warning: lazy mom consequence to follow).

Ava had headed upstairs but I didn't think too much of it since she often likes to head into her room, grab a different toy and come back down. Then I heard a splash that was followed by the sound of toilet seat being banged down.

As I headed into her upstairs bathroom, I see my daughter with a soaked shirt front, water on the floor and a big smile on her face. She proudly held her soaked baby doll up to me and told me, "Bath . . .brrr . . .up!"


She had given her baby a bath. The baby was now cold. We needed to wrap her up in a towel and dry her off.

It was too cute to get mad. She was so proud of herself. We got a blanket out and proceeded to dry the baby off to make her warm.

She has since been given strict instructions that the toilets are not to play in. Although today I did have to fend off her desire to have her baby go "potty."

Oh the adventures sure to still come!

Monday, January 26, 2009

snap, crackle and pop no more

This past saturday night I was feeling pretty crummy. So Ryan took Ava out for a Daddy/daughter night on the town.

One very excited little girl came home with a bag of 3 goldfish (for the record, fish are the only type of pet that are acceptable surprise pets in our house :) ).

Ava and Daddy got to work right away putting the fish into their new home.

Ava proudly displays her new pets for mommy and the camera

Checking things out - I think we have this too full Daddy!

We surnamed them Snap, Crackle and Pop, respectively and watched them explore their new home.

Of course, we had to give them a welcoming meal.

Eat up little fishies!

Sadly, by the time Ryan and I went to bed saturday night, one fish had surcumbed to "new home shock" and a second fish was close behind. So only Snap was still with us as we went to bed saturday night.
When we woke up sunday morning, Snap had gone to join his fellow fish friends in the land of Nemo as well. Given the explanation that her fishy was "sleeping," Ava would point to Snap, put her finger to her lips and tell us, "Shhhhhh."

Since we couldn't allow our daughter to experience the traumatic loss and absence of a pet so soon in her young life, sunday night we headed back out and brought home two more fish (as well as some water drops to further prevent our new fish from experiencing "new home shock" as well . . .hey, we never claimed to be fish experts here!) And when they sell for 15 cents each at Meijer, you can afford to be "extravagant."
Here's Ava giving her new fish a welcoming kiss.

Happy with her new pets!

We're excited to report that 24 hours into their new home, fish number 4 and 5 are still swimming merrily around their home. Here's hoping for no more "napping."
Our only current dilemma? We can't settle on names for our new fish.
Any suggestions?!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the Proverbs 31 woman has nothing on Ava

I mean . . .I don't recall ever reading a verse where she scrubbed her floors in high heels.

Ava must just be modeling what she sees at home.
Right (that might have been a somewhat false statement).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

monkey see, monkey do?

I came around the corner of the office this morning to find my daughter like this . . .

. . .I'm trying to decide how I feel about this.
Is mommy spending too much time at the computer?
It felt a little "nicer" posting the picture of her here. : )

Friday, January 16, 2009

success? the jury is still out!

Well wednesday night we moved Ava into her new room and bed. I was fairly hopeful it would go smoothly as she had already napped at my sister's in a big bed once and did pretty well.

We talked about it all day and Ava would get excited and answer "yes" every time I asked her if she was going to sleep in her big bed that night.

The time came and we all went upstairs.

Things were going according to plan until we turned off the lights to tuck her in. It was like it all of a sudden dawned on her what was really happening and she suddenly wasn't sure this was such a great idea after all.

After lots of snuggles and kisses and goodnight prayers, we left a little girl who still wasn't too sure about the idea.

Two hours later, we thought we had finally achieved a peaceful night when this was what we found in her bed and went to bed with a sigh of relief that it was over.

Well, to make a long story short . . .it was an AWFUL night.

Correction, it was a HORRID night.

I think we were up about every hour through a little after 4 . .. and she still managed to wake up early too.

Let's just say at 3 in the morning it was all this pregnant, worn-out, and very tired momy could do to not to march my daughter back to her crib and yell out "SURRENDER."

So thursday morning Ava and mommy packed up and went to Aunt Alisa's where Mom crashed into bed and Ava got worn out by 5 enthusiastic cousins.

While I was a little nervous heading back home for Ava's nap to try for round 2, I needn't have worried.

After her night and morning, Ava was so tired by the time we got home I think she would have slept upside down. So mommy at least got a more normal and peaceful nap.

Round two came last night with both mommy and daddy a little nervous.

Ava was still pretty clingy as we took her to bed but success came when after just a few minutes of weak protest (like she was just letting us know that she still didn't think this was the greatest idea and wanted to make sure she had told us), silence came after about only 5 minutes.

When I tiptoed in to check on her about 45 minutes later, it was all I could do not to laugh out loud when this is what I saw.

It was kind of like even in her sleep, she was silently protesting the plight we had brought upon her.

"If I just don't look, it won't be real."

Well I'm happy to report that Ava slept through the night last night without waking up once. While she was up early, we didn't have anywhere near to a repeat of the first night.

I'm not calling out victory yet.

But I will say I'm cautiously optimistic we'll make it through.

Here's one last picture of Ava in her big bed with hopes for more restful nights!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go ahead . . .you can laugh

On our trip home from michigan, Ava and I got bumped (Daddy had to be back at work monday morning and couldn't volunteer).

When the flight attendant asked for volunteers, it was due to weight limits being over what is considered safe.

I don't know how many of you have ever flown on the small prop planes we take from Bloomington to Detroit, but there are times they will even move a half-full plane around to distribute the weight for safety reasons (comforting - huh?!?!). I've had it happen to me dozens of times and seen them bump people for the same reason.

I didn't think too much of it until I talked to Ryan after he landed.

When Ryan called me to let me know he had made it home safely he asked, "Hun, did the gate agent say anything more to you after the plane left?"

"No. Why?"

"Well she came back to the plane, counted people and left. But your seat next to me was empty the entire flight . . .and was the only empty seat."

"Yes . . .what are you trying to say?!?!??!" : )

This is when I can hear Ryan silently trying to guage my mood and emotional fragileness at the present moment.

"Go ahead, say it honey . .. .you're finding it humerous that the lady who got bumped due to weight limits being exceeded is the one who is pregnant with twins."

He was lucky.

I found it funny too.

I still do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's in Michigan

Here's some photos from our time in Michigan . . . .

My daughter, the bum. No idea where she gets it from.

Ava spent half her time in Michigan making laps around my parent's house with one of the double strollers they had bought. There were even times she was pushing two of them.
Opening up her stocking bag

Mom and Dad

Ava and Brynne playing with the dolls - can you tell twins are on the way in our family?
Both Addy and Brynne got twin baby dolls (even ones that talk to eachother) and twin strollers. Ava claimed them as hers while we were there. : )

More dolls

Helping Grandma Eloise open her present

Playing school downstairs with Brynne

Visiting Papa Willard

Singing for Papa Willard

Even though the snow was about gone, the kids all managed to get some sledding time in (my parents have the best backyard for it!) So Ava gave sledding another try.
Brrrr . .. it's cold Mom!

Ava and Daddy

Ready to go!

Sledding with her cousins

Ava went down about 5 times. She liked it alot the first time and wanted to go again. Each time was a little less exciting and after the 5th time . . .she got off the sled and starting heading up the big hill to the house by herself. It was pretty cold out. Mommy didn't blame her.

Getting pulled around by Daddy

Driving the city version of a John Deere.

That's all for now!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back!


I'm finally rejoining the land of blogging. I'm sure you were missing me SO much.

I have 3 different posts I could do today, but decided I better start with what I've been talking the most about lately: Ava's room!

It was a whirlwind of a week and weekend as we waded through the mess we'd made and finally came up with a much more organized upstairs and two rooms ready for little girls.

You see, the room Ava is moving into had kind of become my junk room.

I know you know what I"m talking about.

The room and closet you throw everything in when you don't want to deal with it, look at it or put it away where it really should go.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with one of those.

But losing that room means I had to deal with it all, look at it and finally put things where they should go (or at least KIND OF).

So I got to do some major reorganization this past week while Ryan cleaned carpets, finished painting and assembled pieces of furniture. Ava's heavy task work included spending a day at her Aunt Alisa's and saturday morning at Gpa and Gma Prevo's. Rough life - huh! It sure made the days more productive - so thanks all!

But both rooms for the girls are about as finished as they're going to get at this point. Ava's room has run out of money (and she's not offering to cough anymore up) : ).

And we're waiting on getting our second set of crib bedding for the twin's room as well as still need to put their letters up for their names. But the second crib is up (boy is that crazy to see!), all their clothes are put away and if they need to come home anytime soon, we're as ready as we're going to be. I'll put pictures up of their room when that is a little more completed.

But here's some pictures of Ava's room as it was assembled and as it is now.

And sorry, I didn't feel like straightening up the bed, picking up Ava's books or making it completely picture perfect. : )

the good news?

I LOVE it. And Ava seems to as well since it's one of the first places she wants to go when she wakes up in the morning.

When we put together her bed and added the bed rail, we realized we hadn't ordered the extra rail we need. So as soon as that comes in this week, Ava will officially move to the new room.

We'll let you know how it goes.

Ok, really, here's the photos now. : )

Here Ava is "helping" Daddy put together her new bed
Someone has to be quality control
Aunt Alisa and Grandma Bahr? Here's Ava saying "YAHOO" about her new bed!

More quality control

When Addy and Brynne came to get Ava on thursday Ava wanted to show them her room. Then she wanted them to climb on the bed with her and they all had to go to "sleep."
I think I see some future slumber parties in the making.

A view of the " completed" room - my goal is to add fun turquoise accessories and frames above her shelves and dresser

I know, all I had to do was get the extra dresser knobs and get them all painted. Notice what still isn't done?!?!?! : ) I had to save something for these next weeks!

Another view.

Ava's bookcase

And here's my UpperCase Living Expression - I LOVE IT!!!!
If you'd like one, I'd be glad to tell you how to get it (how's that for a shameless plug Brooke : ) )

That's all for now . . ..Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yes, we're still here!

Sorry for the blog silence - we were off to Michigan for New Year's and Christmas with my family. It was so good to be "home." I have to admit, a part of me was a little extra sentimental knowing that for the next few years, my visits home will be quite a bit busier. : )

Ava had a blast roaming all over Grandpa and Grandma's and playing until she dropped with all her cousins (and mommy loved watching it!).

We got back monday night and it's been a flurry of stuff ever since. We're working on getting Ava's room done by this weekend with a hopeful move starting sometime next week.


I was doing ok until I came out of Ava's room one night after checking on her before we went to bed and Daddy said, "it's her last week in her crib."

Way to make a pregnant lady sentimental.

But my parents have a toddler bed in their basement at home and Ava thought she was pretty cool when she'd climb up, lie down and have me bundle her up. So I do think she'll think this is neat. It might take mommy a day or two.

The list of things "to do" before babies come is starting to blatantly stare me in the face.

Not to mention the Christmas Decorations that mock me as I pass them by. We did get the tree taken down last night.

So with all that said, if I'm not quite as "verbal" these next few days or so, know it's because we're busily trying to get things done, before I can't do them anymore!

I'll try to get some of our pictures from Michigan up sometime soon . ..but until then, here's Ava and some of her cousins before we opened up presents with my parents.

Happy New Year!