Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I don't like Olivia.

This morning while eating breakfast, Ava looked at me and stated, "I don't like Olivia, Mommy."

She elaborated.

"I don't like Olivia . . .just Kate."

Ava had randomly shared this with me about a week ago so I wasn't completely surprised by the statement.

Out of curiousity, I thought I'd ask for some more information (after all, it's been the last few weeks that Olivia has shared her tantrums with our home). I wondered if those would be the cause.

"Why not?"

"Because . . ." came the reply, followed by a silence.

then, "she plays with my toys and well . . .just. . . .EVERYTHING."

Sisters. So fun. : )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if you didn't see it, you wouldn't believe it

My sweet, sweet Olivia.

Fun, silly, friendly . . .and have I mentioned enjoys drama?

Because it's so pitiful, it's kind of funny, here's a little peek at my little drama queen.

Both episodes occurred within about 5 minutes of each other and as a result of a common annoyance of hers: mommy wouldn't let her play in the toilet.



My two favorite parts?

1. My girls' two personalities are made VERY real here. : ) And yet they're quite the pair.

2. You have to love how Olivia looks around to see who's watching . . .and the fit ends soon after she realized no one is still paying attention.

The child is 11 1/2 months old people.

Can we just sit with that fact for a minute?!

11 1/2 months old.

Ava isn't quite sure what she thinks of all this drama - she doesn't love it.

Can't say I blame her.

Don't you wish you lived in MY house for adolescence?! : )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I hear purple is all the latest craze.

Kate is totally up on the latest fashions.

Happy (half) Birthday!

Someone turned 2 1/2 today and was quite excited at the idea that today was her half birthday!

(warning: between Daddy's long hours and Ava's obsession with pajamas, I give fair warning that anyone who randomly stops by will most likely find us as above on most weekdays until after nap time. : ) )

I can't begin to describe how often I am blown away at how much this "little girl" seems to grow up every day.

Ava is such a first born - a natural inclination to lead and mother others and who loves to accomplish and try new things.

As I "speak," she has "borrowed" my camera and is cooing, clicking and baby talking to her sisters to try and get them to smile for a picture. It makes me smile (although I suppose I should be responsible and rescue the camera?).

She loves to help - when everything can be rapidly going down hill, all I have to do is ask her to help me make something. In a second, she has a chair pulled up to the counter, hands ready to help (and mess) and a ready and willing spirit. She's quite fun to have work alongside me.

Lately I've been so struck at the fact that despite a strong-willed spirit and LOTS of emotions(lets just say she'll make a fabulous christian someday . . .grounded and passionate in what she believes), at how much her heart loves reconciliation.

Even in our roughest moments, she loves to make sure that we "hug and kiss" and is quick to utter "I'm sorry mommy. . . " even long before the punishment is given. It can make it hard at times to follow through. : )

This morning, she made this mommy heart especially melt.

I was exhausted and had a headache and was struggling with a "cheerful attitude." After a few less than kind moments, I turned to her and apologized.

I said, "Ava, mommy's very tired this morning. And I've been grumpy. But just like mommy tells you that we shouldn't be grumpy even when we're tired. I shouldn't be either. I'm sorry."

Without missing a blink, Ava leaned over and hugged me with the most "motherly" and gentle of hugs, planted the sweetest kiss on my forehead, and whispered, "I love you mommy."

How thankful I am for Ava and her huge heart.

I love you Ava Cherise. I can only imagine you at 3 and pray your heart stays so soft towards reconciliation as it is today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

11 months old!

Sentimental sigh.

I'll spare you anymore! ; )

But the girls were 11 months old yesterday!

Olivia (left) and Kate (right)
They are absolutely more fun every single day.
They have such a fun sense of humor, are busy as ALL get out and keep this home hopping whether mommy is ready or not.

Both girls love to try and imitate sounds, sign "more," love to play "peek-a-boo" in any form, squeal at an open doorway or stairway and BAWL at a closed one, are quick to bestow kisses and snuggles and can be found doing their "squats" on a regular basis as I say. For some reason they love to stand on their own and their bounce is so slow motion you'd think they'd seen a few too many Jillian Michaels videos. It makes me laugh.

Olivia is slightly more verbal than Kate. She loves to explore and imitate any sound she can - growling, "boo," "ma ma (she is my mommy's girl)" and can climb up the stairs before I can barely turn my head. She gets ecstatic at the mention of going "by-bye" or if you strap her in her car seat. She's up for anything and everything new. . .as long as mommy is somewhere around. : )

Kate is what I lovingly refer to as my "destroyer." I don't know what is so exciting about it all but she LOVES to empty things. And when she starts, she goes full force until the task is complete: the toy box, container of wipes or the discovered garbage can (lovely - huh!?). She's actually much steadier on her feet than Olivia and will try and step or two every now and then. Olivia has no interest in anything other than standing. I think walking may be the area that Kate accomplishes first! She is a little more a daddy's girl and we hear her babbles of "da, da" quite often.

It's so fun to see them BOTH light up and race towards the door when their daddy walks in from work! I am continually amazed every day at the increased level of intellect I see behind their actions. They're growing up before my eyes and it's so neat to see. So thankful for my 2 healthy and happy baby girls!

And speaking of my growing babies?

Ryan and I have found that all 3 of our girls start reaching the ability to understand and obey directions around 10 months. So that's when we really start working to teach them to obey. And sure enough, it's been these past few weeks I see it all taking effect . . .even when it's hard. : )

So here's a little glimpse of how hard it is to grow up . . .and a tiny glimpse of the complete FUN that twins bring to our house. There's nothing quite like it.

I love you Kate and Olivia!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday.

Ask me how she is spending it?

Right here with us.
Last week on a whim, my mom called and said she wanted to swing down for a couple of days to see all of us. Ryan is in his crazy season of work so of course I was excited!

As mom was on her way to us Monday, I came down with an AWFUL case of the stomach flu. I really can't remember the last time I was so sick. I managed through the afternoon and thankfully handed my household over when Mom walked in that evening.

She's been a God-send ever since.

I'm always thankful for my mom.

But this year on her birthday, I'm exceptionally grateful for her.

There is no way I could have managed - and she was as much a blessing to me as she was to Ryan and my girls. He was able to stay focused at work and our girls got more than a little spoiled.

So last night we threw as much of a party as we could handle . . .and celebrated with a little dairy queen.

Well they ate their dinner . . .and I ate my ice cream. Got to recover gently you know?!

Mom, thank you doesn't quite begin to touch the surface of how grateful we are for all you've done this past week. God couldn't have designed the timing of your "spontaneous" trip any more perfectly. Thanks for the mom and grandma that you are.

We love you and Happy Birthday!