Friday, February 27, 2009

for those of you out there wondering . . ..

YES . . ..we're still here.

All of us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

36 weeks . . .hooray?!?!

Well today marks the 36 week point of my pregnancy. . .and with it, truth be told, has come a rough week of not sleeping, being uncomfortable and weariness. So if we're being honest, I must say that while part of me can see the celebration of making 36 weeks . . .part of me is just ready to meet these two little girls.

Dr. Nord doesn't seem to be quite so anxious (probably why he is the doctor and I'm not?!!). : )

We didn't get a measurement of our munchkins today - one of the girls is so burrowed under the other, he had a rough time getting just a clear view on her heart to check her heartrate. However, both girls continue to look well, have strong heart rates, and move lots. For that, I can step outside of myself and be very thankful we've made it this far and that they can keep growing stronger.

We're somewhat back to our previous positions of baby - one of the girls did move partially head down, but her body still curves across me in a more transverse position while the other girl went back head up. Dr. Nord still feels like a c-section is our best option and both Ryan and I are in agreement that he's making the right call. It seems unlikely that even if one baby would be a successful vaginal delivery, that the second one would as well. At this point, I really feel like it's going to be our best option and (most of the time), am very ok with it.

So not alot of details for you this week . . .unless of course you were dying to know what I measured this week.

Those of you who guessed I wouldn't get this big were very sweet to humor me. : )

I think they may have used me as an oblivious model for this cartoon. I know I've seen this image in the mirror quite often lately. : )

So at this point, babies won't be making an appearance this week . . .unless they decide to surprise us.

And with that, this mommy is off to take a nap.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I think I see a potential conflict developing . . .

Friday, February 20, 2009

"i'm a baby mommy!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

if being a mommy feels hard for you today . . ..

Those of you who know me well, know there have been some big dreams on my part regarding ways to be involved in ministry and with my schooling. They are still there, yet modified, and without the overwhelming pressure that I am only serving God if I am working towards those specific goals or in those specific areas.

That was not always the case.

Mommyhood obviously has placed many of those desires on hold. There was a time in my life I wrestled with that . . .even while delighting in the gift that God had given me in our little girl. I felt like "my ministry" was being put indefinately on hold and I wrestled with when I would see the fruition of the desires I felt had been given to me by God.

Thankfully God has changed my heart to see the ministry of mommyhood: amidst the runny noses, sleepless nights and even the beloved tantrums. I've seen one ministry opportunity replace another, instead of hold off another. And it excites me to serve God in the opportunities that only being a mommy can bring.

And leave it to our awesome God who has placed opportunities in my path, now, that allow me to still serve in some of those earlier referenced areas!

I don't know about you - but I just read a post this morning that spoke straight to the heart of this issue and wanted to share it with you (ahh, the gift of a lazy daughter who randomly decided to sleep late today).

Maybe mommyhood is really hard for you today.

Maybe it feels far from a ministry or any type of service to our God.

Maybe today it just feels like work.

I've been there . . .but read Sandy's post and know you ARE doing great work.

and I think you mommies are amazing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

35 weeks!

Well, I don't have lots of news for you. Babies will be measured for size next week - or so the plan goes! They didn't measure me today either . . .possibly trying to avoid a traumatic experience? : )

Here is the latest.

Our little girls have been squirmy. So squirmy, in fact, that they have BOTH gone transverse on me. So that means, unless they continue their circling of my womb, we are a definite c-section.

I have mixed feelings about the news. It's not my ideal. It wouldn't have been my first choice at all. But I feel a level of surrender with it, that I didn't have even a month ago.

I told Ryan, even just a month ago, I think the news would have hit me a lot harder as I tried to manage more of how everything was going to turn out. But as the pregnancy has continued to progress, God has let me surrender a little more control with each week. It doesn't help me to fight something that is totally beyond my grasp. So at this point, I'm thankful to live in a time where I have so many options and such great medical care. Laboring two transverse babies 100 years ago does not sound fun!

There is a tiny measure of relief that I don't have to play the "what if" game and try and make the decision myself. With the babies' previous positions, we were in a "first baby is a go, second baby is a maybe" state for a vaginal delivery. So to have God just remove the decision process from me, I can see as a blessing. Although, I"m not completely unwilling to accept prayers that both babies could move into a position for a vaginal birth. : ) But we'll take what comes and know that God goes with us either way.

Babies have dropped . .. which has made life a little more interesting as sitting, bending and just moving in general has reached another degree of difficulty . . .or even humor I suppose! The other night I was taking my sweet time going up the stairs and Ryan looks at me, grins, and just goes up and down our second landing 3 times fast just to be obnoxious. I guess it pays to laugh - right?!

And as of today per Dr. Nord, babies will most definately be making their appearance no later than the first week of March. So anyone whose guess took me past 37 weeks, I think you're out of luck. : ) It seems unreal how close that is and makes the hard days easier to push through.

Thanks for all your prayers!

OH! - and thanks, too, for all of you that prayed we could make it past Ryan's crazy past month at work. I'm convinced that it was your prayers, some great sitters/family and a live-in maid/playmate last week (aka, grandma), that made it go as smoothly as it did.

It was such a huge answer of prayer, for me too, that Ryan didn't have the added stress of a wife on complete bedrest or new babies to juggle on top of it all. It'll still be a little busy the next month or so, but nothing like it was. So thanks for caring enough to pray, ask how it was going and checking in!

Monday, February 16, 2009

family night out!

After a very busy past month of Ryan's work and other activities and an even crazier last week, we got to enjoy a fun night out as a family with NOTHING planned! :) So we headed out to spoil Ava a little and just relax.

I had to laugh at this picture - it kind of reminds me of those pictures you'll take of a 16 yr old on vacation that says, "I'm determined not to let you take a picture of me having fun." She really DOES like all the rides.
Ava and Daddy got to take an extra long ride on the carousel. You can see that "CHEESE" is finally starting to get figured out for picture taking. We'll get there!

YUMMY. This smoothie is really good mommy!


Ava's favorite ride by far was the ice cream truck. I think she would have ridden it all night!

And what would a fun family night out be without a trip to the gumball machine (Ava LOVES gum and shockingly does amazingly well chewing it - little pieces of course).

Ahh, nothing like a cheek full of gum.
(and no, she did not get the whole gumball in case anyone is panicking out there! : ) )

We then got to finish off the night at Petco . ..ahh the high life we live! : ) I bet you didn't know you can purchase a canary there for $500 though, did you?!?!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

first hair cut!

Ava's hair has been growing into something that more and more resembled a mullet: messy bangs in the front with an unruly mane growing in the back. So while we were at Aunt Alisa's the other week, we decided to trim up her back a little, hoping that would help a little until her bangs grow out more. I was just silly and didn't take a before picture!

I wasn't sure how Ava would do - she hates having her hair brushed lately (we're just getting into the world of tangles). But between Brynne, the bathtub AND a popscicle . . .she hung in there all right.

The aftershot - much neater!

Now we'll just wait for the front to catch up! : )

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 18 months Monkey!

Ava is 18 months old today . . .going on 5. Through the ups and downs that her increasing desire for independence brings, it has been so fun to watch her grow into more and more of a little girl and see her personality continue to shine. We're thankful for our busy, silly and ever snuggly monkey!

At her appt on friday Ava was:
Weight: 26 lb 14 oz (80%)
Height: 32 1/2" (70%)

Here's a couple snapshots from lately:

Addy and Brynne were over playing the other day. Ava had so much fun. I do have to say, though, I'll be quite glad when Ava's hair is grown out a little more AND she'll keep clips in. : )

Ava plays with her baby dolls much of every day. This is a common scene: taking her babies "potty."
Ava LOVES the new rain boots and coat Aunt Amy bought her. We got to try them out lots this past week with the great weather we've had. It's been so fun! Maybe today, with the forecast for rain, we'll get to try out the umbrella too.

Last night, before getting ready for bed, Ava was playing around the house. All of a sudden she came around the corner quite pleased with herself. She had found a hidden paci (she only gets them going to bed now) AND got her boots on by herself. I thought it was pretty cute.

Ava and Daddy have this thing of sitting down and having a "talk." As I think you can tell the pictures, it's nothing too heavy. But Ava will come up to him, all serious and say "Talk." Then as soon as they get face to face, the giggles begin. It's pretty cute to watch.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

33 weeks/full term . . .kind of the same thing?! (oh and maybe a giveaway)

So today at my appt, I measured a full term 40 weeks. I suppose I should mention it was my 33 week appointment?!?! : ) At least I know why so few clothes fit! I had to kind of chuckle to myself and wonder, "If I make it to 37 weeks, I wonder what I'll be measuring then."

SO, I"ve decided to make this fun . . .and use my stomach stretching (and it's accompanying designs along the way) for a GIVE AWAY!!!!!
Here's what you have to do:
Each of you have one opportunity to make ONE guess of when these babies will be born . . .AND how large I'll measure the day I deliver. I debated having you guess my total weight gain, but thought I'd like to remain friends. : )
Here's some helpful hints to the guessing:
1. Unless I'm feeling amazing, the babies are showing no problems, and I beg to keep waiting longer, it is hugely unlikely I'll have the babies after the first week of March.
2. It is currently Feb. 3rd (in case anyone had lost track).
3. I am not experiencing any contractions at this moment (in case any of you are going to try and spring babies on me yet tonight).
4. Two weeks ago, I measured 37 weeks.
After I've had the babies, the person who came the closest to my actual delivery day will win a $10 gift card to any of the following stores:
Olive Garden
(I figured that allows a wide variety of indulgences : ) ).
The measurement will be the tie breaker in case two people picked the same day.
All guesses must be given by this sunday night at midnight. If babies happen to show up before then, the winner will come from any exisiting guesses.
Happy Guessing!
*disclaimer: gift card will be placed in your hands within 3 months of babies' delivery. Life might be a little busy. : )

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hopefully Ava does not possess the gift of prophecy

although if we would come home with 3, at least I know I'd have help with diaper changes!