Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And speaking of our adoption

I've had quite a few question lately regarding where we're at in our adoption.

The simple answer?

Waiting. : )

The adoption journey is an interesting one.

It's full of things for YOU to do but totally outside your control or timetable.

So even as you prepare and hurry and "do," it's all to wait on the timing of a God who sees every bureaucratic bump, hiccup and delay with no surprise.

And that is where we are.

For over a month now we've been waiting on the state of Illinois to approve our home study to send in our paperwork to USCIS to begin the process to get the few remaining items we still need to complete our dossier (about a 2 month process yet by the time you wait on government dates and paperwork).

Essentially everything else is done on our end.

I'll spare you the long story, but there have been some hiccups and now a whole lot of silence. When your home study agency and your adoption agency are both confused by it all as well, it's not the most encouraging thing. . .especially as we see the time lines of Ethiopian adoptions stretch out.

And yet it's moments like these I find so much comfort in the promises God spoke to us from His word as we began our adoption and in the TRUTH that He IS sovereign.

And as a result, I'm working to intentionally choose my reaction to this.

It's easy to become frustrated with individuals and to worry and grasp for control. Yet when I choose that reaction, I choosing to say that God isn't in control and that this isn't His journey to begin with.

This setback doesn't get in His way.

As I choose to trust He's brought us on this journey, I have to trust He is going to move in a way that grows our family in His way and His time. And if this delay is part of putting us in the right place at the right time for our child, I've been convicted that maybe even thankfulness needs to be more of my response.

Not always easy, but still true.

I read a post by another adoptive mother tonight who I'll occasionally read and I loved her challenge to waiting families and using this time of waiting. I think it applies to so many areas of life (whatever it may be that we're waiting on) and so I thought I'd share the link.

So all that to say, can we ask for your prayers? We believe God can move hearts and mountains and tonight, that's what we're asking.

Until then, we pray, we trust and we wait. . . .and embrace what He's given us today.

Mommy's Birthday

My birthday began with 3 little girls, a brownie and a candle. The only thing better? . . .would have been a brush. : ) Fun memories.

Later that night, we got to celebrate with a dinner at Qdoba, YUM, and ice cream from Coldstone.

Mommy and Olivia

Auburn was visiting for the week (SO fun) and got to join along. We miss her the second she's gone again! : )

Daddy and Ava having fun

Olivia is our ice cream junkie. Seriously, if you have some and she's nearby, know you're fair game in her eyes.

Kate taking a drink of Daddy's smoothie

I'm a pretty blessed mommy (and wife). God's been faithful for 28 years. . . and for that He deserves our praise.

Until the next one!

Monday, May 30, 2011

If these two get married someday . . .

These will be the most fun slideshow pictures ever. : )

Such good buddies

And a pretty cute pair. : )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

grandpa's are fun

and pretty special too.

and did I mention fun?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our royal wedding

You can hardly have 3 little girls who love to play princess and not watch the royal wedding. : )

In the spirit of the day, we thought we'd "dress up" a little

While Ava and Olivia liked watching here and there, they weren't overly impressed and would run off to play. However, Kate became my little buddy and sat and watched a good chunk of the wedding.
In fact, after a little while, I think she decided my seat wasn't good enough.

All I can say is that I'm glad my kingdom is in heaven (as my grandma maibach used to say). Being a royal on earth would be exhausting. It was pretty to watch but I can't imagine it'd be fun to live. I love my simple life.

Friday, May 27, 2011

In case I forgot to mention . . .

Olivia REALLY liked her Easter baskets and candy she got.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

swimming lessons

To say Ava has come far in swimming lessons is such an understatement. While Ava always loved swimming, was strong and pretty good for it at her age, the whole concept of new things, new people and short time frame had become so big in her mind and fear would take over. It got to the point where she would scream and cry for most of a swim lesson.

After talking with the swim instructors there, we decided to bite the bullet and pay to put her in private swim lessons. It has allowed her to develop a relationship with her teacher, find the fun in swimming again and cement a skill we thought was important. So thankful we decided to do it.

I can't say enough what a blessing her teacher, Mindy, has been. God put her in Ava's path at the perfect time and she's been so good for Ava. It's been so fun to watch Ava's confidence grow and to see her make huge strides. Ryan took Ava to her lesson one week last month and snapped some pictures of our emerging fish.

Practicing her back float

Jumping on to a noodle in the deep end by herself

Swimming to the side by herself

She keeps swimming further and further on her own - so fun!

The day I thought I'd hear my daughter tell me her favorite parts of swim lessons are "jumping and going under water." I think we'll be having some fun this summer!

The best part? That night at dinner we were talking about Ryan taking Ava to swim lessons.

I jokingly asked Ava, "Did daddy embarrass you?"

Ryan and I both chuckled until Ava looked at us in complete seriousness and said, "Yes."

In shock, Ryan asked her, "How did I embarrass you?"

"When you took pictures of me Daddy," she replied immediately.

And so it begins . . . : )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Part Two

Easter Sunday after church we headed up to Grandpa and Grandma Prevo's to spend the afternoon. Since Olivia's fever had been gone since morning, she got to come along.

Grandpa and Grandma hid a TON of eggs and malted balls for the girls and "big" kids to find. : )

Ava on the prowl

Olivia getting some help to reach one

Kate busy looking

Olivia was quite pleased with her stash

Ava had gotten some princess swimming toys in her basket. Here she is playing with them with Charlie the cat (another love of hers)

Kate and Olivia walked everywhere with their baskets that afternoon.

A better look at Ava's princesses. They've been a hit!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What, you mean Easter wasn't in May?!?!

The girls were all excited to decorate Easter eggs this year (well, Olivia came around . . .)

Ava ready to go

Watching mom get everything together

Kate trying to figure out what was going on

First egg in! (pink of course)

Kate was amazed by it all - too cute

patiently waiting

Daddy and Kate

Pretty quickly, the girls figured out that glamorous egg dying might be a few years away yet. : ) So we pulled out some paint the girls went to town.

Olivia hard at work

Kate diligently painting her eggs

The finished products!

Since Easter morning was going to be early, we did our Easter egg hunt after baths the night before.

Olivia showing us her "blue" eggs

Their finds

And they wasted no time digging in.

Kate showing me one of her prizes

Olivia didn't bother. Too much candy to be eaten. : )

Who knew a bunny's ear could be so delicious?

Nothing like winding down before bed . . .

Turned out it was a good thing we had already done our Easter baskets/hunt. Olivia came down with a temp of 103 during the night. So mommy got to celebrate Easter at home for the 3rd year in a row. : ) Olivia seemed much better that morning but we didn't want to chance it. She was SO sad to stay home so I let her get her church clothes on still.

Olivia at "sunrise services" : ) . . . listening on the computer

(By the way, Olivia loved her Easter eggs so much she slept with the one you see, clutched in her hand all night)

A quick shot of all my girls after church