Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So I will wait . . .

While finishing up reading during my quiet time this afternoon, my eyes fell unto one of the devotions scattered throughout my bible.

While at first I thought, "Lord, this wasn't what I was wanting to end my devotion time with," He gently quieted my defensiveness. As I read, I was convicted . . ..but so blessed.

Here's how it ended,

"When we are afraid, we rush to "fix" the situation. Fear breeds manipulators. The way of the world is to manipulate, to contrive, to gain control in any way possible. But God's way is different.

He asks us to trust.

God is the only one who can knit together a new being. He couldn't allow us to get our hands on what must be his work, his alone.

Your words must be the words of Psalm 62:5: "Wait thou only upon God."

- Mari Hanes

"Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him" - Psalm 62:5

Monday, April 26, 2010

what fun girls

I'm having such fun with the age the twins are at right now.

Well most days. : ) I always say this is the most fun of ages and most exhausting - because these two girls make 2 tornado paths through my house daily . . .and OFTEN.

But little girls are emerging, they love to laugh and they make their mommy smile so often.

The girls LOVE to go "by, by." They've totally figured it out. If I even look like I could go "by, by" they are heading to the door, waving and saying "by, by, by, by." And if they can't go. Life is SAD.

Olivia all ready but nowhere to go.
Baby dolls have become a fast love as well. They trot all over the house with a baby doll in their arms. They rock them, tell them "aye, aye," and love to make sure their sister has a doll in her arms too. It's not unusual for me to have all 3 of my girls together in the playroom and each with a doll. It seems unreal we're already at this stage but we are!
Kate wanted to take her doll "by, by"
And because they make me laugh, here's a little glimpse at my two peas in a pod just "hanging out."


"I love you sister"

"You're kind of silly"

"No way, really?"

"You're really silly."

Too much silly.

"All better" (although I think Olivia's already plotting her next move)

And if case you weren't sick of pictures of these two munchkins, you can take a peek at their 1 yr shots at Password is "aprevo." Thanks for such awesome pictures Chanel . . .I think (now if we could only decide). : )

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my big helper

While Ryan was at work tonight, Ava was helping me pick up the house. One of her favorite tasks is to empty the silverware from the dishwasher. Tonight when she got done, I had to go grab the camera so I won't forget these every day moments someday.

My big helper
(and yes, she picked out what she wanted to wear to bed too)
And the finished product. : )

By the way . . .the drawer still looks like this. So if you pop over, make sure to "oohh" and "ahhh." : )

Saturday, April 10, 2010

loved this

Taken from

What I Miss About Toddler Mom Life by Tracey Eyster

If you are the mom of toddlers, or young children, I know that you are exhausted.

I know that all you really want in the whole big wide world is one decent, uninterrupted night of sound sleep. I know that you would love to eat a hot meal. I know that the idea of having some time during the day for a quiet moment…and not be surprised with eyes, voices and needs is a longed for pipedream.

I know you would welcome someone noticing all the things you do all day and being appreciated for all your hard work. Well, as a mom of teens let me assure you that there are some things you do get that I now long for and miss regularly.

I miss bed head… that lasts all day.
I miss Veggie Tales.
I miss fat plastic forks in the silverware drawer.
I miss books that have illustrations on the pages.
I miss basketsful of toys in my family room.
I miss words slightly mispronounced that are so endearing.
I miss singing silly songs.
I miss coloring.
I miss high pitched giggles.
I miss a little face pressed right up against my cheek.
I miss tiny hands that want to hold mine.
I miss snuggling with bodies smaller than mine.

The time will come when you would trade a good night’s sleep for these simple things you enjoy daily. Moms, enjoy every moment of every day.

. . .Off to snuggle one of my perfectly little girls.