Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My man is 30!!!!

***Just had to come say "THANKS" for helping making Ryan's birthday so fun. It was really neat for both of us to read what you all shared . . .I joked to Ryan that I may need to come share a few fun stories just to balance everything out! : ) But thanks for sharing!!!!

Today is Ryan's 30th Birthday.
No big party is planned - last weekend we got together with a few friends for dinner and dessert and had a fun laidback evening. Ryan wasn't excited by the idea of doing anything big.

Tonight we're celebrating as our little family with home made pizzas and pumpkin painting.

We do things big around here like that. : )

But I thought it wouldn't seem right if we didn't at least acknowledge my man's growth in "wisdom." : ) And so an idea crossed my mind . . .

I would love if those of you who are Ryan's family and friends each made a comment on this post sharing something you appreciate about him. Just a small way of making this a neat day for him - because I firmly believe there is something to be celebrated with each new year, regardless of the number.

We'll go first:

What do you love about Daddy?

Olivia: "KISSES! and Uncle David. (whoops, off point . . . or I suppose Uncle David is in her life because of Daddy so I guess we'll let it count).

Kate: "French Fries. and Chicken Nuggets!!! Uncle David and Aunt Callie (I'm detecting a theme). . .and playing on the slide."

Ava: Because he gives me hugs and kisses. He goes on dates with me and gets me flowers. He gives me juice and m & m's every day . . . " (Hmmm, I'm learning things. I may have to investigate that one further).

For me?

I kind of had to think, looking at our family picture that I posted, how often I thank God for the father Ryan is to our girls.

I can remember falling in love with him in college for lots of reasons (good looks, strong faith and character, quiet confidence, sense of humor . . .ok, I'll stop before this gets too gaggy). But I also distinctly remember observing him on numerous occasions thinking he is going to make one amazing dad some day.

Today? I still observe him with our girls and think he's as good a dad as I ever thought he'd be.
I'm so thankful for his interaction with our girls and how much he lets them know their daddy loves them.

I'm thankful for the many times he has stepped in when his wife is at her end (yes, me) and supported me as a mom . . .and encouraged me to take time for me.

I'm thankful that even as a mom, he has never let me forget I am his wife. . .and let our girls know that as well.

I'll stop and let the rest of you share. . . .

Happy 30th Birthday Babe!


Tami said...
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Tami said...

I really haven't been around Ryan at all in the past...what did you say it was going to be?! 7 years?!?! Craziness. So, all my memories of him go back to college days, but he was always such a good friend, leader, and someone you could just count on. I remember him sending a letter on the anniversary of my mom's death after you two were engaged, and I was just shocked by his thoughtfulness (although, I'm sure you had something to do with that, Amber!)...he was always just like that (and I trust, still is) genuine, and took notice of people and situations that maybe others could overlook.
Hope he has a happy birthday and loves this new decade! :)

Laura L. said...

I have known Ryan for many years growing up in Gridley. I have always appreciated his quiet strength and kindness. He is a leader but not it an pushy way but by his strength and resolve. He has a deep love for other people and for Jesus that is apparent and that makes you inherently trust him. A trust that is well deserved. He is a pillar that will support the body of Christ for many years.

Sarah said...


The first thing that came to me was: great, dry sense of humor

Amy Cherise said...

RYAN: We love you!! We always wanted the best for Amber and we got it!! Your desire to honor God while taking time out and embracing each day is precious. Thank you for loving unconditionally and leading with a courageous heart. We will celebrate your 30th and Kens 40th in December :) xoxo

barb said...

As I told you this morning, 30 years ago you changed our lives - for the better. Since boyhood we've notice your compassionate heart for others and believe it continues to this day. Of course, something we love about you (and your lovely wife) is that you made us grandma and grandpa. What a joy it is to see you both being intentional in teaching them about Jesus and His ways. We love you.

Haley said...

Ryan is always there for his girls and is super kind to all he comes in contact with. :)

Have fun celebrating tonight. I think your plans sounds perfect! It's sometimes the little things that we enjoy the most.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, the one who made me an Aunt, the sweet little boy who we all oogled over as the first nephew in the family. What a privilege to watch you grow over the years into the man you are today, so fun to watch you now as a loving husband and dad and see you incorporate things from your childhood into your family. Thank you for being a great example as the oldest cousin to my boys. May you continue to be a Blessing to those around you, Happy 30th Birthday. Aunt Jackie

Mindy said...

Happy 30th Ryan!!

A few things I appreciate about you...your dry sense of humor and your gentle spirit (or should I say that more manly and say "your quiet strength). :)

And as Amber's friend, I REALLY appreciate that you take great care of her and are very intentional in your relationship.

mom Bahr said...

Ryan, you have blessed our lives since the day we met you! We thank God that He has blessed Amber, Ava, Kate Olivia and your little angel waiting to join you, with well as with all our family. It is a joy to see how God blessed your life with so many talents and gifts, and how you use those gifts to bless others. We are thankful for you, proud of you and love you so much! Have a special birthday and a blessed year ahead. love forever, dad & mom Bahr

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Happy 30th! You have brought so much love and laughter to our family. Somehow you still maintain your patience, love and laughter in the midst of 3 young children and all the business of the other responsibilities you carry. Any topic from God to sports to politics you are well read and ready to discuss. I appreciate you as a brother.

Thanks for loving us and our kids, they LOVE Uncle Ryan, and Alisa and I love you as well!


Anonymous said...

Ryan - I love what Keith wrote, and just wanted to add that I love the way you love Amber, Ava, Kate and Olivia! I love your faithfulness to them and Jesus. I love your servant leadership, your thoughtfulness and your sense of humor. I love your desire to invest in our own kids' lives, and your willingness to be intentionally invested wherever God has you. God in you is great - to HIm be the glory!

Alisa : )

Uncle David said...

Olivia, Kate, and Ava!

Them, and the fact that Ryan has always been a solid role model to follow. I said it at your rehearsal dinner, and I'll say it again, Ryan always set the bar high, but then seemed to turn around and help you over it.

And lastly, the funny face he makes when riding "The Hurricane" in the Dells...

Happy B-day to a good brother and great friend!

Anonymous said...


You can imagine what a humbly proud (:)) dad I am to read comments like these regarding my son. I read the attributes and think how you displayed some of them even in your early childhood: compassion--even to a worm:); leadership--volunteering to have the jr. sermon closing prayer at your Uncle Mark's church at age 4 in front of 200 people, when the teacher had been unsuccessful in coaxing any other child to do it on previous Sundays; strong faith/quiet confidence--at about age 10, independently saying a silent prayer in Grandma Great's driveway that we could get the boat trailer hitch ball attached to the car so that we could go fishing (it worked!); sense of humor, dry--that would be your mother(?:)), or else too many 3 Stooges movies. Happy 30th Birthday, Ryan, and thanks for allowing God to rule in your life. It's made me a blessed dad, father-in-law, and grandpa.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I have to echo what David said- I am so thankful for the large role Ryan has played in David's life. So many qualities that I admire in David, I see exemplified in Ryan. We are blessed to have older siblings like you two to follow!

...that and the restraint he shows when meeting slightly intimidated members of the family for the first time.


Amy Cherise said...

ok - so I had to read what others wrote today!! and Amber Leigh - I hope you are as blessed as Ryan is - after reading these notes about him!!! These are have one amazing man - just the way he loves and is devoted to you and the girls - as lis said - is amazing. The 6! of you are precious!!! xoxo

Grandma Gramm Schrock said...

We had trouble getting on line after arriving in Florida, so I missed all these wonderful comments on my dear oldest grandson Ryan.I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments on Ryans Godly characterists. Ryan you have your Grandpa's gentle spirit, as did Jeff & Brad. Your intense love for Jesus also matches theirs. You are a christlike mentor for all your cousins and I'm sure many more. You're a great husband and father as I knew you would be, after witnessing what a great Dad you were blessed with. As my first grandson you'll aways have a special place in my heart, as you did with Grandpa Gramm. Grandpa Mel appreciates the kindness, love and repect you afford unto him. God continue to bless you. Love, Grandma.