Wednesday, October 5, 2011

when life isn't planned

Sorry for the blog absence.

Life has been busy to say the least.

Between travels, preschool, 3 busy girls and a mommy trying to be more productive around the home, blogging has often gone.

Then in the midst of planned weeks, vacations, preschool, 3 busy girls and a mommy trying to be productive . . .we said good bye to a man who blessed my life in more ways than I can share.

My Grandpa M. went home to be with Jesus on the 24th and life shifted a little bit.

God was merciful and allowed what could have been a long and hard journey with bone and spine cancer be a short one home.

It seems unreal to me to think that both my Grandpa and Grandma are gone. I don't think I could pick two people who have impacted my life more. And somehow, Grandpa being gone emphasized Grandma's absence as well. They were an amazing pair; so it seems impossible to remember one without remembering the other.

They were intentionally and enthusiastically a part of my life, my family's life, until their last days.

I told Ryan, how many 91 yr old Grandfathers still would randomly calling their granddaughter (one of 21) to let her know he was just praying for her adoption and wanting to know if she had any updates.

He was so excited for our adoption and was constantly encouraging us and praying for us in it.

He'd ask about the girls, about Ryan, about me. I never doubted that me, and my family, were a daily part of his prayers. So many were . . .and we'll never really know the extent of it.

My Grandma did the same. Amidst a full life and a full family, my grandparents were intentional. They prayed, they supported, they called, they laughed and they loved. . . even through the hard.

I don't grieve for them.

I can't.

They both wanted nothing more than to be where they are.

But selfishly?

Oh how I will miss all the ways they were an active part of my life.

The countless prayers I know they were praying for me.

The love they delighted to show my girls.

The endless reels of memories I can play in my mind of so many meals, laughs, vacations, games and swims.

So much of who I am was because of who they were.

To say I miss them?

An understatement.

But I can't wait to see them again . . .


emilykate said...

This post is really sweet. I love how even in old age your grandparents were so involved! Love ya

Mindy said...

That was beautiful Amber. I agree with Emily - that is so neat how intentional your Grandparents were in connecting with you and your family. What a sweet blessing! And what a good reminder for me when I'm that age. Love you!

salitersky said...

Oh Amber - I couldn't have said the words better. The absence of them both is so much greater now that grandpa is gone too. They were absolutely incredible grandparents and the memories are even better. Miss them and love you!