Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a little of everything

It is official - I have diagnosed myself with a case of post-vacation blues as the reality of daddy back to work, full-time mommying and piles of clothes waiting to be put away all hit me with full force today. The gloomy day didn't help . . .or the whiny child who after a week and a half of constant attention thought her day should be spent attached to her mother's leg. However, after how we've hauled her around, I think she's earned the right to whine. : ) She won baby of the year award with all the traveling. However, I much prefer her crabby now than then!!

But enough of the grumps! On a positive note - Ava and I made it through the day, I managed to hit a work out class after a week and a half of eating lots of fun stuff (the first one back is ALWAYS ugly!) and even got the piles of clothes put away. I'll take what I can get!

I've also decided that I win the award for worst documentation of a vacation. Ask me how many pictures I took? EIGHT. Grandpa and Grandma Prevo need to email me any they took (although I don't remember them taking many either!!). Here's a few of ones I did get, as well as some fun pictures from our long weekend. Enjoy!

First stop? Grandpa and Grandma Bahr's in Michigan! Ava looks
so sad Mom and Dad are about to leave for the day (sarcasm).
We went to the wedding of one of my good high school friends (and I didn't even get a picture of Keri and I!!!). We also didn't manage to get a picture before we left while the sun was still shining. Here's one of snapshots we did get of Ryan and I after we were home for the night. Stop #2: Wisconsin with the Prevo's!
The weather was a little cool at times so we had lots of fun play time inside. I don't think Ava ever cared though with so many fun people to play with!!! Hmmm . . .which book should I read now.
Ava thinks Aunt Callie is pretty cool! However, if you ever hear my daughter screech in church - blame her aunt, not her mom!!! I think Ava thinks its their own secret language. I love how seriously she's playing cards here!
They start them young - what can I say?!?! On to the weekend - Fun times with friends!!

Noah and Ava had a blast splashing. They were COMPLETELY soaked when finished. That's what makes it fun though - right?!!
Noah thought Ava needed a drink too!
Talk about stages of life!!! This was too funny to pass up the photo opp!
My "helper." As soon as Ava even hears me open the dishwasher, she scurries over to climb on fast as she can. Aunt Callie - this was when Ava was waving to you on the phone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

favorite photo of the week . . .

a lunch date with daddy
and with that we're off to michigan and wisconsin . . .if you think of us, pray for a good little traveler!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

some recent shots

Ava loves to craw into small spaces these days
Cole and Ava crack me up together - I laughed when I saw this. It reminds me of those wedding pictures where the couple feeds eachother. This is just infant style. : )
Our future pianist. She LOVES the piano.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i love you through and through

One of the children's books that has words I love is one we bought for Ava when I was still pregnant with her - it's called "I love you through and through by Bernadette Rosetti-Shustak. When I was looking at these pictures of Ava friom the past couple of days, several phrases came to mind . . . . .

I love your happy side . . ..your silly side
. . .your sad side . . . .your mad side
(by the way - this is when I was trying to do a 9 month pictures of Ava.
I think she was worn out from a long day . . .it made me laugh)

I love you through and through . . .yesterday, today, and tomorrow, too!

I love being your mommy Ava Cherise . . . .

Friday, May 9, 2008

9 months old!!

Ava turned 9 months old today! We had our check up with Dr. Pogue this afternoon and he confirmed what I've long suspected . . ..our "little" mover and shaker had quite the growth spurt these past few months! Ava was:

Weight: 20 lb 6 oz (70th percentile - from 50%))
Height: 28 3/4 in (80th percentile - from 50%)
Head Circ: 44 cm (50th percentile - from 30%)
We're thankful for a healthy and happy (and BUSY) little girl! It's been a slightly exhausting week as mommy has tried to get used to a baby who can now crawl faster than she'd like, open all doors and cabinets and reach a whole new world of items. It's time to officially baby proof! And I know it's just beginning! She's a lot of fun though!
For some reason my camera won't upload to the computer for right now . . .so I'll try to put up some fun pictures this weekend.
Happy Friday!

Friday, May 2, 2008

some catch up

Yes, I know. It's been a while. It seems as activities are slowing down, I'm trying to do more around here . . .and all that has left me with is alot of half-finished items on my mental list of things to do!! (poor ryan!). So here's some photo catch up of Ava (sorry Grandma's!).

Auburn and Braden spent the night - Ava LOVES all of her cousins but especially Auburn. I think she responds to Auburn the most out of anyone outside of Mommy and Daddy. It's fun to watch as it seems like it was just yesterday Auburn was Ava's size (I just made myself sound old)!

It's been so fun for me to see Ava grow to love her books. More and more often, when playing on her own, I'll find her by her box of books "reading."
This is a picture from when we were in Michigan. I just thought it was precious.
Ava has fully mastered "SO BIG!." This isn't the best shot, but all other documentation has been on the video camera. So this will have to do for now.
We had to take advantage of the beautiful day yesterday. It let Ava combine two of her favorite things as of lately: outside and sunglasses. She thinks she's pretty cool with her glasses on.
When we're not outside, you'll often find Ava at her "post." She especially likes to stand and watch as everyone drives by on their way home from work. She'll wave to the cars as they go by. Mom - it reminds me of the pictures of me watching Buffy at Ava's age!