Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mr. Frog

One day the girls were up at Grandpa and Grandma's house for the afternoon.  When I went to pick them up, Ava excitedly showed me a frog (good sized one) they had found in Grandma's garden and saved in a bucket to show me.  Ava pleaded with me to take it home to show daddy and I said she could take him home just to show and then we would set him go in the creek down from our house.

Well Daddy came home and my animal loving daughter excitedly showed him, now named Zack, to Daddy and begged to keep him. All eyes turned to mom (who me?!) and  I agreed for a night.

So that night, Daddy being the fun dad that he is, said him and Ava needed to run into Petco to buy some crickets to feed the frog.  Mom agreed to this and waited in the van with sisters.

Daddy and Ava walked out with this.  Not what I had envisioned.

So after much talk, a compromise was reached that the frog could stay until we left for vacation 4 days later and then he would have to be let go (I know, mean mom).  And my girls proceeded to delight and torment, I mean play with, this frog for the next few days.

For some reason, Ava put on gloves for the first day or two we had him.  An animal and this little girl and I have one gleefully happy little girl.

Zack and his captors, I mean playmates.

The other compromise - his temporary home.

These girls would run straight from their beds in the morning to see him and play with him.  By day three, if I wasn't feeling so badly for this frog, I almost would have been convinced to let him stay longer.  

So the night before leaving for vacation, a heart broken Ava and her sisters went and found a pond with Daddy that had lilly pads for him to live on.  There may have been wailings and tears, and an indulgent daddy may have had a prayer for Zach as they let him go.  Go with the flow sisters came home and when asked about if they were sad to let Zach go, they shrugged and one responded, "No. . .we prayed for him!"  And that was that.  Big sister took a little longer. : )