Thursday, October 6, 2011

Michigan - part 1

In the middle of september, we headed up to my parents for a class reunion of mine. The girls loved the extra days of fun with grandpa and grandma. And I always love an excuse to spend part of fall in michigan!

Ava reading books with Grandpa before bed
We went a few days ahead of Daddy. He had a little something for all his girls waiting. : )
It's been so fun to watch the girls live some of my old memories as they grow up. They had a ball playing school in the basement - of course Ava was the teacher
Class in session!
Ava started driving the gator for the first time. I don't know WHY I expected her to start off cautious - after all, she has been the rider for her cousins for years who prefer to "off road it." She was a little speed driver - it was hilarious to watch.
The happy driver
Olivia woke up early that afternoon and had a ball being Ava's passenger
Playing on the swingset
Olivia's turn at the wheel - after a short spell she decided she liked cheering Ava on more
On saturday, we had a gorgeous day to spend at my favorite cidar mill and apple orchard

Ava happily climbing the hay bales
Daddy and Ava

Ava and Grandma

Mommy and Olivia
Feeding the goats


mom Bahr said...

went to the cider mill today to pick up apples for our applesauce day in Bloomington coming up this week....its not as much fun as going there with all of you! But I did eat a carmel apple just thinking about you all! :) Bringing some Michigan cider and donuts tomorrow for you all!