Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Baseball

One of the blessings of our church is that we have lots of young families with lots of little kiddos.  We get together during the summer with our own baseball "league" and the daddy's coach.  There's enough to split into 4 age groups and our girls LOVED getting to participate for the first time this year.

Every night one of the dad's starts off with a devotion

And then it's time to get started  . . ..Ryan helped coach the girls' age group this year

Running the bases to warm up

When you're 3 you stop and take breaks alot. : ) 

This is what you call an "Alaysia" break. : )

Practicing their catching

Notice a "theme" with 3 yr old's . . .. paying attention here

And not so much here : )

Ava's turn to bat.  She LOVED her tuesday night's each week

Olivia on first base

Kate's turn

The little guys team
We already can't wait for next year!

Friday, July 27, 2012

June Numbers?!

So I'm a little behind with these but better late than never, right?  And I figured I better get these posted before our july numbers come out hopefully next week!

Boy number: 62

Girl Number: 83

Trust me.  It really says it.  But how could I not post that cute face?!

Friday, July 20, 2012

family camp

Ryan and I took Ava to her first family camp (mine too!) last weekend.  This is my one and only picture there until the end.  It pretty much sums up why Ava loved her weekend . . .Addy and Brynne.

Kate and Olivia got spend the weekend back home with gpa and grandma.  I don't think they thought they missed out. : )     It was fun to "restart" a family memory that Ryan grew up and we're excited for the blessing we think it will be over the years.

Even more fun?  when it was all over, Ava headed into Aunt Alisa's van to spend a week by herself with just Addy and Brynne up at Grandma's for vacation bible school.  She's been SO excited for this and felt super grown up.  Ryan and I hardly recognized  our van on the way home kidless until we picked up the twins.

And Kate & Olivia?  We got to spend the week being kind of lazy, doing some fun stuff 
(like chucky cheese) and finding out what it's like to have two kids (since we skipped that step). : )

And they may have enjoyed setting up camp in their big sister's room.

Thanks Grandma's and Grandpa's!

The Fourth

We were able to spend the 4th with my sister, Amy, and her family with us for the week.  Since we had moved, life has been so crazy I hadn't had a chance to really do any shopping for the house.  So the first day they were here, Amy and I headed up to chicago to shop all things fun like homegoods and ikea! Amy had never been to ikea so I got to introduce her to the whole new world it is.  I know all our friends are always aghast but I tell you, they weren't around "our parts" growing up. : )  We had lots of fun and found some good finds.

The fun part of ikea?  Assembly!  Good thing Uncle Ken had such good helpers.

Intense concentration

Having fun shopping with Cole and Aunt Amy

They brought their dog Oliver . . .you may remember from posts long ago how much Ava loves Oliver?  Kate and Olivia quickly joined the fan club.  : ) 

Ava and Sophie were quite the pair all week

 Olivia having fun with new play doh

The morning of the 4th, we headed to a local parade 

Then headed home to grill out for lunch

That evening we to a local 4th of July concert in a park and had a picnic dinner.  It was warm but it was nice and laidback and just fun to be together.

I couldn't believe how long Kate and Olivia sat and listened so intently

Maybe I should maybe make you all guess who. : )

Cole and Kate

Cole and Olivia

It was a good thing towards the end my girls got snuggly . . . .I was a little cold.


Amy and Sophie

 My pictures randomly mixed up and it was too many to fix : )

So back to waiting for the parade to start

After the concert we got settled in for fireworks.  Snow cones anyone?

Ken & Soph

Ken & Cole

Cole and one of his buddies

Probably one of my favorite pictures of the week.

Kate loved the fireworks


Olivia did NOT like the fireworks

Snuggling and reading books with Aunt Amy their last night


And back to the parade

These three always make me laugh . . .

such goofy girls

(notice Kate unwrapping candy already)

Sophie and me

 Notice a theme with Olivia and noise?

Can't wait for you guys to come back!