Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wisconsin Dells - Part III

Our last day in Wisconsin, we headed to a nearby state park. It was a gorgeous day and the park was beautiful. We got this really cute picture of the twins - and then Ryan realized he still had the "fishbowl" effect turned on with the camera. : ) Good thing we caught it before the rest of the day!
We hiked around the edge of the lake a little bit

Ava and Mommy
On the side of the trail were huge piles of rocks our girls had a ball climbing up
A family shot
Proud of their climbing
The view from our perch on the rocks - you can see Aunt Callie and Grandma on the trail
the girls and Aunt Callie
Love the fall colors on the trees - I told Ryan that I couldn't imagine how pretty it would have to be even just one week after we were there.
Another family shot - can you tell Kate and Olivia were getting a little tired of the camera?
Ava started getting really adventurous and had me help her climb out to this rock by the water.
Love this girl!
I guess they still classify as the "newlyweds?" : )
Grandpa and Grandma and the girls
love this shot of the two of them
Before we headed all the way back, I had promised Ava that I would climb "really high" with her up the rocks one last time
Our far away shot - see us? : )
Olivia just had fun cheering us on
Daddy and Olivia
Ava "needed" one more shot
Thanks for a great vacation Grandpa and Grandma!


Amy Cherise said...

awesome pix!! xoxo