Saturday, September 10, 2011

September Numbers!

Our weekend began with some fun news: our new waitlist numbers!
Boy: 88
Girl: 116

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day!

We had a slow Labor Day (why does that seem like an oxymoron?! : )). It was great. We had time to get lots of stuff done, time to be lazy and just time to enjoy our little family. Sunday and sunday night, we did an intentional "staycation." A relaxing day together as family with time to worship and time to play.

Sunday evening we headed out on one of the girls' favorite things to do: family back rides in the bike trailors. We love an open evening we can just go off and have fun in them (although I think they get harder to pull by the month - but that may just be a weak mommy talking). We rode up to eat out and then around town. It was a cooler night but the girls had covers and didn't complain a bit.
Ready to go!
We had talked about setting up our tent and camping in the backyard, but decided the night was too cool. So we "camped out" in our basement. Popcorn was popped and the girls got to watch TWO movies (that was big deal).

Daddy, Kate and Ava ready to go!
Olivia staked out her sleeping bag right away
Ava thought we needed a picture of the movie and took it herself
Ready for bed!
Olivia wasn't sure she wanted to stop watching the end of the movie for a picture
Kate cheeses for mommy
I couldn't have Daddy and me miss out on the documentation!

nature vs. nurture

Oh there are so many comments I could make about this one . . .
lets just say this they didn't learn this from me . . . : )

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day of school part II!

Today the twins FINALLY got to join Ava and go to preschool themselves. I have to laugh at this statement. Because, if we're being totally honest here, if someone had suggested sending Ava at 2 1/2 to preschool 1 day a week I would have been horrified at the thought of sending her so young. And yet here we are, all pretty excited about the prospect. : )

A local church in the area has a great ministry for moms where you can send your kids up to two days a week for a morning and they play, teach and learn memory verses and have a really neat program for them. We had put them on the wait list last spring, just talking through it, and when it opened up, God provided a way, and it felt like a good thing for all.

They have been hilarious about it. . .as in SO excited. It was a bit painful for them to see Ava start and not get to go themselves. I have a feeling it's going to be hard again as they learn they don't go as often as Ava. This morning the first day finally came. They skipped their way through getting dressed and were pretty proud to go out on the front step and take their own "first day of school" photos. I know I should have weeded through more pictures, but they were too funny, I couldn't. : )

Proudly posing with their "dora" backpacks
This shot is such a classical "Kate" expression
Hugging sister
They were feeling quite photogenic : )
Of course, big sister had to join in. Ava was hilarious all morning . . .trying to prepare them. There was an open house a week ago where we all got to go and stay and play. Ava kept telling them, "You have to go by yourselves today. Mommy isn't staying with you." They just looked at her like, "Yeah? So?"
Walking in. Can you tell they aren't too nervous about me leaving?
Holding hands and ready to go!
Kate quickly found the phone. She's probably calling her friends to tell them how annoyed she is her mom won't just up and leave already.
Olivia with the kitchen. Doesn't this shot scream, "You can go now mom . . ."
And with a kiss from each I was off. You can tell my girls process new situations differently. When I went to pick Ava up this morning before we picked Kate and Olivia up, Ava asked me, "Were Kate and Olivia scared to go by themselves mom?" I think the answer could clearly be "not at all." : )

So end results? Girls had fun and mommy ended up with sparkling bathrooms that she was able to clean in peace. Success for all. : )

First day of school!

Ava started preschool last week and it's a been a huge success. She loves going, loves her teachers and loves her friends. Thankfully, the transitions have been MUCh better than last year - crazy how much they grow up in a year. I've stopped asking who she played with each day . . .as I always get the same exasperated response, "I played with LOTS of kids today mom."

First day smiles (in her new "school" shirt she bought with Gma P)
Kate and Olivia had to get in the picture too
Her first day was just an hour and I got to go with her. She wanted to be able to show Kate and Olivia some of the stuff at her preschool.

The kitchen
The reading loft
Super fun - friends at sunday school and preschool
Checking out the classroom's fish with one of her teachers
Then she started directing the shots - a picture outside
Can't believe how fast my firstborn is growing up
And what makes a great day even more fun? Coming home to Aunt Tara and getting some quality play time in before she had to leave
Here's to a fun year of learning!