Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours . . .

Olivia (9 1/2 mo), Ava (2 yr) & Kate (9 1/2 mo)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

and what has Ava been up to you ask?

I don't know what it is, but somewhere in the past couple of months I feel as though I blinked . . .and Ava was this grown up little girl.

She's such a fun kid - incredibly thoughtful, too smart for her mom's liking at time and has a huge inclination to tease (wonder where she got that from?!?!). It's so fun to feel like she does more and more alongside me and to watch her independence grow.

Well who am I kidding.

That independence thing is fun MOST of the time. ; )

Despite the reason we were there, it was really special to get to be with my whole family in Michigan for my grandma's funeral. Ava LOVED the time with her cousins. Since Amy and her family can't make it home at Christmas, we took advantage and snapped a quick shot of mom and dad and all the grandkids.

Ava was quite excited to have a party in Grandpa and Grandma's room one night.
Since my mom usually does gingerbread houses with all the grandkids, I was on the look out for something fun to do with Ava that didn't involve lots of work on my part. : ) I found this really fun gingerbread TREE kit. It's less intensive than the house (which was great for Ava's age) and really let Ava get pretty involved. It was the perfect size.

Have I mentioned Ava likes frosting? This is in case you've never noticed. I'm going to start sending all of Ava's uneaten cupcakes, cookies and cake to Ava's Grandma Prevo to eat (she only eats the frosting off and hands the rest to me EVERY time). I have a feeling Ava got her love for frosting pretty honestly.

Hey - it's only Christmas once a year. I let her go to town. : )

Putting decorations on her tree.


Almost finished. Waiting for the "snow."

Ava loves to get completely dressed (coats, shoes and all) and take her baby shopping. This is a regular scene in our house. Except yesterday I caught her as she had the door to the garage open and car keys in hand trying to take her baby to the store. Heaven help me.

Playing church.

Monday we headed up to Morton to spend the afternoon making Christmas Cookies with some good friends and family. Ava had lots of fun.
Of course, you ALWAYS start out eating.

Making a cookie for Daddy.
Daddy likes sprinkles. Ava wanted to make sure there were enough on his cookie.

Ava's Cousin Brynne and Claire, a friend, starting putting on a dance and singing program for us. Ava wasted no time taking part and I think even added her own second act after they were done.

After Christmas Caroling sunday at church, Ava was quite ready to share all the songs she knew.
Having fun with Daddy.

You can never give too many kisses.

Helping her sisters practice "SOOOOO big"

Ava loves to help push her sisters on the scooter. I love how this picture really shows how much of an effort Ava was putting into pushing them "gently."

Ava also recently took up babysitting.

There is nothing more fun for Ava than a baby for her to fuss over, hold and take care of (that isn't her sisters). Poor Alexa is the gracious recepient quite often.

I was actually so impressed at how Ava handled Alexa fussing a little bit. She rocked her, "shhhhushed" her and kept whispering, "It's ok. It's ok." She just stayed so calm and was so big.
(no babies were harmed in the making of these pictures)

And her absolute favorite? feeding Alexa a bottle.

Let me know if you'd like her number. I'm sure the Red Cross offers babysitting certification classes to 2 year olds!

it's busy being 9 months old.

Don't believe us? You should try it.
Trying out scooting (Olivia approved).
Then letting your sister take a turn.And helping to push.

Waiting for Daddy to come home.

Getting in your sister's toys.

Making beautiful music on the noisy fireplace screen.

Practicing "SOO Big."

And clapping for your sister YET AGAIN.

Getting into MORE of your sister's toys.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . .

Helping with the dishes.

Watching the train.

Trying to pack on the weight. Mommy says chubby babies are cute.
Who is she kidding?! It doesn't get cuter than this!

How can you not love these two?!

9 month old pictures?!?! kind of.

I figured when I got my's weekly update for my 9 month and 3 week old babies, it was time to get some new photos up. : )

Sorry for the silent blog of late.

Many of you know but my grandma passed away the day before thanksgiving.

So between time spent in michigan and coming back and trying to catch up with the holidays, blogging has been the thing that went.

And truth be told, my heart wasn't in it and I was quite ok with that.

Thanks for the many sweet words, cards and hugs.

I miss Grandma. I'm so thankful she's home for christmas but I miss her. And I wasn't quite ready to write about it. One day I want to. And I will.

But today?

Today's catch up time.

Shortly after the twin's 9 month bday (Dec. 3rd), I tried to take some pictures.

At 9 months old these two little girls are all action and fun. I thought it would be more fun to just show the attempts.

Kate Amber
17 lb 3 oz (30th Percentile)
26" (20th Percentile)
Olivia Mae
16 lb 11 oz (25th percentile)
27" (50th percentile)
To see Ava at 9 months, click here and here and here and here
(can you tell I got sentimental looking back?) : )
And here we go.

Attempt #1
Who does their hair? Seriously.

And so it begins to unravel.

For real mom? MORE?!?!

So then I moved them to the floor.
I know many of you have always thought they look identical. I haven't.
I know I'm the mom and all, but while I always thought they looked alot of like, I didn't think they were identical. In the past month, my mind has changed.
We're hoping to get a test down to have definitive answer soon, but for now, when people ask, I've changed my answer from "I don't think so" to "I do think so." I can still tell them easily apart but think they look more alike as they get older.
They thought they were hilarious playing a game of peekaboo and crouching up and down to play. Don't they know I have a blog to publish?

Can you tell me who is who?
Oliva (left) and Kate (right)

Attempt #2. Surely with Daddy around to help it will be better?

HA. Bet I made a Grandma or two nervous. : )
No worries.
Daddy was catching the adventerous child.
And people wonder if I have anything to do with all my free time?
Just trying keeping up with these two. : )