Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy's Birthday, by Ava

You have to love how kids always manage to make birthdays exciting. The girls were super excited about Ryan's birthday and our birthday party at home - Ava especially.

While the twins were still napping, she helped me get ready and dictate what we should do next. She asked to take a few pictures and I let her . . .but somehow, she managed to sneak away while I was making dinner. When I uploaded our camera? I found a LONG array of pictures - I weaned them down lots . . .but then kind of had fun looking at life through her eyes.

The streamers in the kitchen
She told me to pose by Daddy's birthday balloons and present
her present for daddy
Me cooking
One of her preschool pictures on the fridge
One guess why I like this pix : )
Had to include gpa and gma's in the photo journey
Ava insisted Daddy needed streamers on his door like we do for their birthdays
Ava has built a full stable in her bedroom she plays faithfully with each day
Ahh, some parts of real life aren't as pretty but I had to include it. Kate and Olivia have this wonderful tradition that they need to change clothes multiple times a day, especially before naps. And their way of looking is emptying out their dresser. So no matter how often I pick it up, this awaits me fairly quickly again. This is actually a pretty mild version.
A shot of Kate and Olivia's doll house


Mindy said...

So darling! How neat to have these photos on hand to capture the every day from Ava's perspective - love it!

I can't imagine WHY you like that one picture!! I love it too!! Is that prophetic that you're getting a girl??? :)

Amy Cherise said...

this is the sweetest 30th gift from a daughter a dad!!! ava - you inspire auntie amy!! xoxo