Thursday, December 6, 2012

be patient with me . . .

Sorry this blog has been so silent and erratic these days.  We just are currently finishing up the end (we hope) of all 3 girls with the flu and getting ready to host Ryan's work's christmas party.  Fun times!

But another factor in my silence THIS time was the fact that after a little over 5 years, I reached my memory limit with blogger.  I have finally gone through the first 3 years of this blog and gotten rid of a few random posts (I didn't need to save pampered chef specials for our blog book) and made a blog book from the first two years of my blogging.

I reached a conclusion.

I was much more fun as a blogger when Ava was a baby.  ALMOST like I had more time on hand to just sit down and share my random thoughts. .  . .or maybe it was just the fact that I wasn't on facebook yet? : )

yeah, that could be it too.

All that aside, I am wanting to get more consistent again as I love that I have somewhat of a commentary AND the pictures of our lives as a family these past years.

I'm waiting until I get our blog book in hand to delete the posts in it so bear with me a few more weeks.

Then there may be a bit of an onslaught to get caught up and back in the swing of things.

Between selling the house this year, moving, summer craziness and travels, trying to make our new house feel like home, Ava starting Kindergarten, oh - and this obnoxious thing called redoing adoption paperwork because it's expiring, sigh. . . this year has been an adventure.

But the house trult is feeling like home, God is still teaching us in the waiting, we're finally get used to this thing called school and we're SO excited to spend the christmas season with family, friends and just being together.

Thanks for sticking with me through it all!


Sandra said...

I just ran out of blogger room too...or at least I couldn't post any more pictures. I then made a blurb book too:). Its so neat to have and look back on.

J and A said...

They just came back to me again and told me I had that problem. I can't remember what I did last time to get rid of the issue. For the time being, I'm just uploading the photos under a smaller pixel count (my last post was with whatever size it required, but I can't remember offhand). I do need to just print out a blog book though too. :)

J and A said...

Found it, because apparently 3 of my friend's blogs are the same way. I'm kind of too cheap to pay the extra, and haven't decided what I'll do when it comes time to print the book with the lower pixel count, but to suffice my parent's happiness until I print a book, here is the guidelines I found...

Photos up to 800 x 800 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't count towards your free storage.

Sorry if you knew all that already!

mom Bahr said...

You truly have had a very busy year! What a great idea to make a book out of your blog - you all will enjoy that! It has been special for us to read and see all your updates - pictures and comments have brought many smiles our ways!