Sunday, December 30, 2012

Florida Part Six (and the end!!!) : )

After our full day at Disney, we were ready for a last few days of sun, swimming and family.  Two out of three wasn't bad. I was amazed how long my girls would stay in the pool each day despite the cooler temperatures.  We're talking hours.

Olivia getting a spin from Daddy

No worries from those who read my previous posts - these following pictures include kid friendly beverages. : )

Thanksgiving Dinner

Somehow I missed taking a picture of all of us adults!

These two are just plain special - even with them getting bigger, Auburn is always someone so special to Ava from all their time together when Ava was so little.

Kate, Daddy and Ava

Daddy and Olivia

Daddy and Ava

Olivia rocket

Kate rocket (LOVE this one : ) )

Ava rocket (and Daddy now tired . . . )

Olivia up to no good : )

Then sadly our week came to an end.  Posing by Mickey one last time on our way out of town.

Kate wanted one by the castle

Riding the tram to our plane

I had told friends before we left that while I knew the girls were at an age to have lots of fun this trip that I was trying to keep expectations low so I didn't make it miserable for everyone. : )  I have to say that these girls made my week, no, my fall.  They were so fun, so flexible and just so fun to watch enjoy, soak in, and enjoy the time both at Disney and just with family.  After a busy year and not knowing what this next one may hold, I just thank God for this week as our family is in it's "pause" mode of life before we continue to grow, God willing.  Our little family loved our time together and then getting to spend it with the rest of my family was just icing on the cake.  Thanks for a great week Mom and Dad!