Sunday, December 30, 2012

Florida Part Three - Disney Part One : )

As a family we usually spend one day at a park during out week in Florida when we go all together.  With the other cousins getting older, they were wanting to visit Universal Studios.  With the ages of our girls, we thought that might be a little older, and we just couldn't pass up the chance to head back to Magic Kingdom with our 3 girls. So Grandpa went with the crew to Universal Studios and Grandma came with our family for a day of princesses and fun.  And after their dinner with Cinderella, the girls were SOOOOOO excited . . .and mommy too!

Grandma and Olivia on the tram to head into Magic Kingdom

Daddy, Kate and Ava.  If Kate looks a little out of it . . .she is.  After a normal morning getting ready and driving to the park, no sooner had Ryan put the van in park than she started to throw up!  Ryan whisked her out of the van and as she stood there getting sick, all this momma had been so excited for started going up in smoke.  But she finished and looked up like, "let's go!"  We knew there was a flu bug going around that a person would throw up once, maybe have a low grade fever for the day and that was all.  But still - you just don't know and Disney and the stomach flu sounded so sad!  But we were there and I made the call we had to try it.  It sounded too depressing to turn around and leave.  So to the joy of those around us, I'm sure, we sheepishly waited long enough to let those near us get far ahead of us ; ), and then got on the tram ourselves.

Doesn't that story make you SO excited to take YOUR kids to Disney?! : )

We made it - Hooray!

Ava wanted one by herself

They got right to work getting their autograph books signed

Shortly after we walked through the gates, the first parade started.  So we stopped and enjoyed a great spot to watch.

In the spirit of Kate having been sick, our first ride was the spinning tea cups : ).  No worries, at this point she had already eaten and kept down an early lunch (a hot dog no less) and was showing NO signs of feeling sick.  Although Grandma and Daddy may have not spun their tea cup too much.

Ava and Mommy

While waiting for a fast pass, we took the train around the park.

Woody and Jessie sighting

One of the girl's favorite rides - Dumbo

Then we headed to go meet some Princesses

As they got to the head of the line, the girls were in total awe and transfixed

Meeting Rapunzel

Olivia checking out her dress

Then it was time to meet Princess Aurora

And then we had to say hello to Cinderella again who of course remembered us from eating together the other night.

and still the fun continued . . .
(I promise I'm editing these down but for memory's sake, brace yourselves : ) )