Monday, October 22, 2012

Last week . . .and september numbers?!

When you neglect your blog for months on end and you try to catch up . . .you get "caught."  : )  So in order to post our September numbers, I have to share a little fun back story of our life last week.

Anyone who knows us well, know we have had an interesting history with the twins and scissors.  Thankfully, most of them have been fairly boring encounters.  One of them wasn't

Well this past week, the twins were in quiet time and so mommy thought she would take advantage of a gorgeous afternoon and go rake the millions of leaves that were hanging out in our front yard (only a slight exaggeration).  I spent a glorious 40 minutes enjoying the beautiful weather and getting to enjoy fall in a new way this year owning a home with huge trees.

Well, when mommy went upstairs to tell Kate and Olivia it was time to go get Ava from school, I had a little surprise waiting for me.  The girls had destroyed their room. By destroyed I mean any article of clothing they owned was strewn across the room - nothing remained in their closet, dresser or tub of summer clothes I hadn't taken down to the basement yet.  

In my frustration, I mean calm handling, of this matter, I just hurried them out the door, put them in the wagon and pulled them to get Ava and back.  Before we knew it, we were back home, I was working to get dinner ready and they went off to play.

TWO HOURS from the time I went in their room, we sat down to eat dinner when Ryan points to Olivia and says, "Hello?!"  Yes, I earned mother of the year award when it took me two hours to realize THIS had happened. 

But it got better.  Further prompting and discussion led us to the realization that KATE had cut OLIVIA's hair.  I wish you could have seen the pile in our bathroom to realize just how much she had cut.

Sigh.  Some days I don't know what to do with these monkeys.

The stylist and her happy? client.  Can you imagine if Kate had kept cutting?  Makes me thankful for what we ended up with and that at least it was in her bangs!

So I had planned to take Olivia in and just have them try and cut straight bangs across instead of the long angled ones they had before.  But yesterday afternoon, I couldn't handle it anymore.  . .and this time Mommy took hold of the scissors and cut the rest of Olivia's bangs and tried to pull some hair over the super short ones Kate had cut.

Olivia was super excited about them . . .and Kate was super intrigued (to which Mom put STERN instructions she was not to do the same to herself).  For a non-stylist, I thought they were fairly decent (albeit slightly crooked) and SUCH an improvement.

And thus brings us to our September Numbers (almost a month late : ) ). I started looking at the photos I  took on our computer and thought the sequence of our attempts was more fun than one good photo. : )

Boy Number: 48
Girl Number : 65

And the close up - a little uneven but I'd say still pretty cute!

And you all can thank me that for now, there is a very clear way to tell my two munchkins apart. : )


Sarah said...

oh. my. this is hilarious!! She looks absolutely darling - I think it's a good idea to keep them like that for people like me who can't tell the little beauties apart. So fun!

Jon y Amy said...

It turned out so cute! When I saw it, I thought there was no way to pull out of that one! :)

Amber said...

Amy, I thought so too! It kept making me think of the old "bowl" haircut every time I looked at her from back in the day. : )

However, in real life, the bangs don't hang so nicely - they still kind of go to the side showing more of the cut. I had kind of laid them nicely before we took the picture. However, it's a HUGE improvement. : )

Mindy said...

Great job Amber!! Her hair looks SO much better! These two make me giggle...they are just too cute!

mom Bahr said...

that was the same style I had at that age - grandma Maibach would have been proud of your cutting job!! Olivia looks darling!

Amy Cherise said...

these are darling pictures for more laughs some day!!!! you are amazing with your girls!!! xoxo

Matthew Lee said...
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