Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

There was something magical about decorating for Christmas this year.  After a fairly nuts few months and just adjusting to a new home, there was just something special about celebrating our first Christmas here and thanking God that home was really feeling like "home."  We took advantage of a gorgeous, open saturday earlier in november to start the process since we were going to be traveling over thanksgiving.

Daddy and his "helpers" putting up lights outside

Kate, my "helper" inside

My favorite piece to unwrap each year - my nativity set.  It was so fun deciding where it's new home would be in this house and finding the right place of honor.

Ava excited to decorate the tree and holding "her" ornament - her baby picture.

Mommy's favorite ornament. Child to be, you were never far from our hearts this Christmas!

Ava wanted a picture by it

Ready to start!!

Here they go . . .mommy sat back and bit her tongue. : )

My Kate

Ava and Kate were our main decorators this year

Daddy and Ava finishing things up

Ava showing me Daddy's favorite ornament : )

Ava and Mommy's

Then it was time to sit back and enjoy waiting for the holiday!