Sunday, December 30, 2012

Florida Part Two

For a special outing just for our girls while we were there, Ryan and I treated them to a dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Step Mother and the step sisters.  The Step Mother was "sick" that night but we managed to have fun anyways . . .

All dressed up and waiting to meet Cinderella (that's a Gingerbread House behind them with a tiny candy store in it!!!)

It was fun to watch how excited Ava was for the night

Our family of 5 for now

When we were taken to our table, we were happy to find out we had one of the best seats of the house as this is where Cinderella and the Prince returned repeatedly to dance about every 20 minutes.

After they dance, they ask a few lucky observers to join them and Olivia got to dance with Cinderella!

While we were getting our food, Ava accidentally dropped and spilled her plate.  She was sad but handled it well . .. but it was a special treat when Prince Charming noticed and rushed to her aid.  We were still absorbing all the characters and things to see . . .so she was pretty shy.  Olivia had no problems with that though. : )

Olivia and her Prince Charming

Kate cracks me up in this one - pose and all.

As our evening was drawing to a close, Olivia had snuggled up on my lap.  I may have had a "mommy" drink with the evening and totally forgotten about it until suddenly I hear a slurping beside me and a "this is yummy mommy!" Sigh.  The good news was that the drink was gone and all that was left was remnants and melting ice.  This girl - always up to something. : )  After we got over the shock we just had to laugh.

Kate and Mommy

One last dance to watch . . .

and Ava's long awaited turn to dance with Cinderella

Daddy and two of his princesses

One last hug for Cinderella

And before we could leave, Ava worked up the courage to say hello to Prince Charming after all.

It was a late but super fun night.  And more was still to come . . .


emilykate said...

Cracking up at the 'mommy drink' part!