Saturday, December 29, 2012

Milestones and Michigan

We spent Columbus Weekend up in Michigan with my family.  The day before we were going to leave, Ava was suddenly motivated to try and learn to ride her bike without training wheels. Anyone who knows my daughter knows that when she is mentally ready to try something new and challenging, you don't say "no."  So Mommy took off her training wheels and started trying to help.  Being that I had a recently sprained ankle, I didn't last long.  Her devoted Daddy came home from work early to keep helping her.  She didn't quite get it that day but we made great progress.

Ava was so excited to head to Michigan.  Since we were picking her up for school and heading up, I helped her pack the night before. She put some of her favorite things on her bench that she wanted to make sure I packed . . .along with a note so I wouldn't forget. : )  It said, "This is the stuff I want."

At Grandpa and Grandma's - Olivia cheesing it up in her cozy "princess" bed they call it. 

And of course, we couldn't stop building on some good motivation.  We had brought Ava's bike with us and despite cold weather, took her to a nearby community college's parking lot where she had lots of space to practice without having to worry about roads, cars, or turns.  It took less than 5 minutes and she was on her own!

Daddy and our happy new 2 wheeler.  Daddy got his exercise that day!

Then before we could leave, we of course had to spend some time at our favorite Cider Mill.  The weather was miserable and rainy but that didn't stop our fun.

YUM.  Nothing says fall like sugar and spice doughnuts and fresh apple cider.

Ava and Grandma

We had been watching a lamp to go on sale at a store we don't have here at home for our house.  Combine that with a 25% off coupon and we made a stop in Kalamazoo on our way home.  Well turns out, our coupon applied to another piece were needing that was also on sale and we couldn't pass it up.  However, between our luggage and Ava's bike, our van was pretty packed.  We arranged and arranged and rearranged.  One lady watching us even offered to follow us home until she found out we had 4 more hours to go. : )   But in the name of savings ; ), we did it.  The girls didn't have an ounce of wiggle room and Ava was buried in the back but we all laughed and giggled about it and they were great sports.

Ava in her back corner of the room - good thing we had a lab top. With all the boxes she couldn't see the dvd player so she had her only min showing in the back. : )