Saturday, December 29, 2012


At a charity auction last year we were the lucky winners of 4 tickets to a Green Bay Game.  So it was super fun all year to look forward to heading up for a weekend with great friends and fellow Packers Fans.  In the midst of a crazy fall, it was a great get away.

We headed up a day early and had to start out with a late lunch at Curly's.

Andy & Brooke

We then spent the rest of the afternoon touring the Packer's Hall of Fame.  After I woke up a bit, it was really neat to learn some of the neat history and see the memorabilia there.

We really liked this telegram to show Aunt Callie . . .who somehow with two brothers who were Packers Fans, claims to be a Vikings Fans (or maybe that IS why : ) )

A browse through the store (and yay, a stadium seat for my bad back!) and we were ready to relax before the big game

Game Day!!!

Got in early to watch warm-ups

Up close and personal

Loved the sign the boy behind us had.

This boy may have been a highlight for Ryan and I.  It was his first game and they were big packers fans.  But about a whole FIVE minutes into the game, he looks over at his dad and said, "This is boring. I like watching it better at home on tv."  His poor dad who was probably fulfilling a life long dream to take his boys to a Packer's Game!