Sunday, December 30, 2012

Florida Part One

For the week of Thanksgiving, we headed down to Florida with all of our family.  To say we had been looking forward to this is to put it mildly.  The timing was great and we were so looking forward to getting away with our girls. Plus, there is something about knowing change is in the near future.  The girls were at super fun ages and we had planned some fun things to take advantage of this time.

We flew out of chicago so drove there the night before and stayed in a hotel. In the airport shuttle all excited to head out!

 Heading to our airplane

For a fun beginning, Ava and I got bumped on our flight out.  For following Daddy, Kate and Olivia only two hours later, we both got free round trip tickets for another time.  Ava was a great sport about waiting.  When we finally made it, she wanted her picture by Mickey. Well worth it.

And so fun to hit the hotel and have her favorite people waiting - cousins!

Then they went off to visit familiar sites while mommy unpacked.

Always a favorite - the kid's maze

Ready for the first swim

It's a rough life but someone has to do it

and more fun coming. . .