Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Valentine's .. .kid style

Valentine's was a low key family day around here this year.

The girls working diligently on finishing their valentines for school

Go big or go home is the motto at our house : )

Roses from Daddy

So I may have made pink pancakes for the girls for breakfast. They were so excited . .. each took one bite and promptly asked for cereal.  We are kind of cereal fanatics in this house and my girls more often than not will pick cereal over anything for breakfast.  They like the fancier/heartier stuff for dinner but hold tight to tradition otherwise. : )

I was in charge of snacks for Ava's Valetnine's Day Party at school. They have really pushed healthier snacks at school so while poking around online I saw a post for heart shaped melons.  I thought it looked SOO fun and healthy.  Then I went shopping on monday to buy melons . . .in February. I quickly knew I was in trouble when I saw the price and size of the melons (you don't find big watermelons this time of year).  But I had gotten the snack cleared and thought I would make it work.  Well, TEN melons later, two+ hours later and one almost out of love with me husband?  I finally had just barely the number of heart shaped melons I needed.  Haha.

A few leftover hearts just for the memory.

Next year I should just include that picture in a card to Ryan and tell him my gift that year is that he DOESN'T have to help me cut melon into hearts.

And because life got nuts, we didn't make our yearly cut out cookies to give away either. I missed that part . . .but sometimes, something has to give.  So here's all my pre-bought decorations for next year!