Friday, April 19, 2013

Family, Birthday and saying "good bye"

February especially was just kind of a full and intense month for our family.  My Aunt Marty was diagnosed with terminal cancer and as one of the few family members in town, we were blessed with the chance to spend some special and sacred time with her and be with family as they spent time with her as well.  

I am thankful for some of the quiet moments with her I was able to have and they may be some of my most special memories with her.  Amidst the grief of separation, there is something incredibly beautiful of watching someone long to go home with their Heavenly Father and see the HOPE  and TRUTH of heaven so real in their life and eyes.  And because that hope and desire to be home was so real for her, it made thankfulness a very real part of all the emotions of grief as we said Good bye, for now, to her.

With family coming in and out of town for the funeral, the weekend of the twin's birthdays, we tried to let them enjoy some of the extra company within the fun of their birthday too.  We had save their big present (some day I may have to tell the fun story behind this one) to open with their cousins.

Daddy putting the finishing touches together

Most of the family was only able to be here for about 24 hours between the visitation and funeral.  But oh we soaked in those 24 hours. : )

Cousins so happy to be together

That night we blindfolded Kate and Olivia to bring their present in

Happy Girls

May be my favorite picture : )

Ava getting a turn to sit - she is now their "official" chauffeur. : )

Did I mention my kids love Wii Dance for Kids?!  I love how family friendly it is and even us big kids have fun with it too.  Such a fun night together.

Ava in her glory - a cousin slumber party

See?  Doesn't that look SO cozy and fun?! : )

At the funeral some of the family wanted pictures since we are seldom able to all be together any more. Ava wanted a picture with Daddy.  But I do have to stop and share a moment, because Ava could not have been sweeter the entire weekend.  We allowed her to be there throughout all the events and during almost the entire visitation, she sat faithfully with Grandpa and Grandma in the visitation line, loving and snuggling them, shaking people's hands and just wanting to be there with them.  I love my first born's empathetic and big heart.  Made me so proud of her that weekend.

Kate and Daddy

My three girls (for the funeral a sweet family friend had watched them but we had to pick them back up to say good bye's to cousins)

It has been years since all the cousins on my dad's side have been together at one time.  Thankful for the little time we got to be together.


mom Bahr said...

That was a very special & tender weekend to be together for Marty's funeral. Ava was such an angel during the visitation - comforting and just wanting to be with us. Thank you for all you did to accommodate everyone and for all the special time you shared with Marty during her last days.