Friday, April 19, 2013

FOUR?! Say it ain't so . . .

My babies are FOUR.

Still in denial.

I'll admit.  There were mixed emotions to this birthday for me.  

Incredibly thankful seeing what a different spot our family is in with our girls.  They are more independent every day; growing into these incredibly fun, silly, loving big kind of girls that I often stop to marvel that I get to be their mom.  

These past four years have held sooo much.  And yet also acknowledging that they were four also brought a bit of an ache. Because we never, ever imagined we would be celebrating their fourth birthday still as a family of 5.  

Undoubtedly we have seen God use this time, redeem it in our lives, and enjoyed the sweetness that you soak in with any imprending change on the horizon.  And trust Him that He is working this for His glory and all of our best. Yet our hearts and home is ready . . .and so I will admit that even on their birthday, my heart was praying that this will be the year we see and know our child.  

And can I just say? I am so thankful for these two.  

They keep our home moving, full of life and lots of giggles.  They keep me present. . . .not sitting and waiting for what will be and reminding me that God has given us a life to give thanks for and live fully right now.  I love their zeal for life, delight in others and absolutely unique and special relationship with each other.  

This year has been all about being twins.   They have embraced the idea wholly, decided they think it is pretty cool and can at times be quite the tight duo.  Amidst thanking God for their special gift, we also get to encourage them to remember others and their special relationship with them too.

So on to the party!  Ice Cream Galore . . ..

The kid's table . . .

Their ice cream cake (I am drooling just remembering how good it was)

Posing in front of their presents

A "quick" family shot
This is one of those "looks sweet but holds a WHOLE story." : )

I am thankful for this crew.

Ready to eat!

Time for Presents

I love how much they love their cards . . .

New Sunglasses!

Ready for Florida!

Snuggling part of their present from Uncle David & Aunt Tara

Hooray - our family has tennis rackets now. Summer hurry!

Happy Birthday to you . . .

Then it was on the important stuff . . .

They may have not eaten a bite of their cake.  But I can't say I blame them when I let them have this much ice cream . . . you're only four once!

Happy Girl

Olivia and Aunt Tara reading her new book

Then it was time for a dance party  .. .my girls LOVE Wii Dance for Kids

And they are kind of good . .. 

Oh yes I did Uncle David . . . : )

All in all it was a great day with a great afternoon of family.

Happy  Birthday my sweet monkeys!