Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A "sick day" for Ava

One night randomly, Ava out of nowhere threw up around 10:30 at night.  So we set up the "sick bed" on the couch for Ava and Mom and got settled in to see what the night would hold.  Thankfully, within minutes it became pretty clear we didn't think she was really sick and we were pretty sure it was just something she had eaten.  But she was wide awake, quite sweet and we got some good cuddling time in.

Finally to sleep around 1 in the morning

The next morning while we were pretty sure she wasn't sick, between wanting to be sure and short night, we decided to keep her home for half a day from school just to be sure.  So we took Kate and Olivia to preschool and went on a Mommy and Ava errand run for decorations for her Valentine's Day box at school.

She found a stuffed animal she fell in love with (as she does with most) and so wanted me to take a pictures so we could remember it for her birthday (in august).

My shopping buddy

Then of course, since she was sick, we need a trip to Starbucks for refreshment.

My love letter from her there.

Then we had some updated papers to mail off to our agency as they had expired with the wait.  We had to sneak in a little fun Valentine's Day card for our INCREDIBLE caseworker who has walked this long journey with us.  While I organized papers I gave the card to Ava to draw a picture in.  My heart melted when I saw what she had drawn . . .look closely.

The six of us.  Praying with hope!


Mindy said...

LOVE the valentine's card! Can't wait to see your baby in your arms!!

Dad said...

hope you frame that card! Sweet Ava's heart - just like mommie's!