Monday, April 22, 2013

Florida Part One

For Ava's spring break, we made the decision to make the drive to Florida.  We had really debated doing anything for spring break this year.  Between the adoption and just watching vacation days, we did alot of debating.  But because we have no idea what this year would hold we felt like we needed to take advantage of this time with the girls and embrace this chance to have the time as a family.  I am SOOO thankful we did.  The girls were rock star travelers and my days with my family were so much fun and so sweet.  I may be biased but we have three fun little girls. I am so thankful for them.

We decided to try and drive through the first time this year.  

5 minutes in and all is well.   : )

Stopped for a bathroom run before "bed" - had to have a little fun.

Mom and Dad too  : )

Three Sleeping Beauties

With the exception of Olivia dealing with what we think were some growing pains, the girls slept through the night as we drove.  Ava woke up around 7:30, Kate around 8 and Olivia slept until right before we got out for breakfast at 8:45.

See . . .Olivia was still catching up.

We surprised the girls with a side trip to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see Winter, from Dolphin Tale.  If you haven't seen this movie, it is such a good family move for many ages.  Ryan and I enjoy it and it is a favorite of our girls since it came out.  So with 2 hours to our destination and nice and grimy from the overnight ride, we stopped for some fun. : )

Holding up a Shark's Bite . . Ava could step through it.  Not mom's favorite sight. : )

Touching different animals life from the ocean

The aquarium is still an active animal "hospital" treating insured animals.

Here they are working on a turtle

But on the main reason we were there - Winter!!!  We got there just in time for one of Winter's "therapy" sessions as they call it.  It was so interesting.  Those familiar with the story, she actually doesn't wear her prothestic all the time.  A dolphin sheds its ENTIRE skin every TWO hours (crazy, huh?!). So you could see the problem if she was always wearing something on her tail.  So they do therapy sessions with her throughout each day to check on how she is doing and help protect her spine and health and have her use the prosthetic. 

Happy girls!!

Showing Winter's new tail

Checking her over


Tail is on and practicing her swimming

Measuring her

Still think it is just an amazing story

Posing "with" Winter

Those who have seen the movie will fondly remember this bird : )

One last peek at Winter before moving on

Having fun in their education area

Before we left, we took in show with Nicholas the dolphin (funny random fact, he played a girl dolphin in the film.  Haha). 

And before we headed out to finish out the trip, we had to stop and pose in front of the boat!

The fun was just beginning .  ..