Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Florida Part Three

After spending a couple days with Ryan's Grandma, we were hugely blessed to be given a two night stay at a nearby hotel.  It felt like a totally unexpected gift but it was such a special two days with our family on top of some special times with them as well and we were incredibly thankful.  The hotel was just beautiful and right on the water and had a huge water slide that Daddy, Mommy and Ava had so much fun on (Kate and Olivia weren't tall enough).  The good news was they had a smaller one they could enjoy as well.

The gorgeous view from our room.

And girls ready to swim as fast as they could get ready

Having fun on the little slide

We got to enjoy Five Guys for the first time. . . .SOOOO good. Although for as good as their burgers were, their hot dogs were just as good.  YUM.

Then it was time to take three tired girls upstairs to relax and watch a movie before bed

Loved those sweet sun kissed cheeks

Doesn't this make you remember those good ol' days of sharing beds with a squirmy sibling?

We ate a delicious and early birthday breakfast for Grandma Mel with them in the morning

This one just makes me giggle.  Ava was trying to pose a shot and it wasn't quite working out

As good of a family shot as we got.

LOVED my days with this crew.

Ava wanted a shot by the flowers

Special being able to spend time with Grandma

Grandma and Grandson

Love these three

It was a really chilly day so we headed out on a boat road for something fun to do.

Chilly day + boat ride?

= Very Chilly AND Windy

We had fun being able to spot dolphins

Checking out the sights

We got to stop by a beach for a bit and collect some sea shells

Splitting up the finds

The spoils : )

Ryan enjoyed being near such a hot spot 

The big slide - I had as much fun as Ava on this one even with the cold

Happy Girl

Kate became such a dare devil this trip - she loved this slide

Olivia enjoy her barbies by the side

And then came to snuggle by me

Sliding down on her belly

Ava's turn

Lots of time warming up by the hot tub

Snuggles with Kate

Daddy & Olivia

Then since it was vacation, it only made since to go get ice cream before dinner

The gorgeous sun setting outside our room

The girls were exhausted after our big day.

Ryan went out to get pizza . . .these two didn't move before he came back

My favorite shot from our room - soo pretty

So sad to get ready to leave . . .

Good bye Florida .. . it was lots of fun.  And thanks to Grandma and Papa Mel for such a special time with them.

But Georgia and cousins were calling, so on wednesday we hit the van and the road again.

More fun was waiting. . . .