Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sleepover (and friends)!

In the beginning of february the girls got enjoy a fun night of friends . . .that was extended.

A huge blessing through the craziness of kids has been a date night exchange we do with some friends. We already had that scheduled for one night (minus two kiddos) when it worked out for us to keep Charis (an extended member of the family as is ; )) over night.

Ava and Annika playing the Wii together.  Love these two girls and their friendship.

Alexa helping me put these three monkeys to bed. Seriously, how fun are these four?

They are all within four months of each other and the perfect amount of fun, spunk, sweetness and trouble. : )  Don't they look it?!

Good Morning!

They all had so much fun just playing and enjoying a lazy morning . . .And Ava LOVED having three "babies" to mother.

Putting her "babies" down for a nap

So we may have taken it a little far when we let them have bottles with breakfast.  Haha

My mid morning performance

And since it was saturday and we had some snow, we threw snow clothes over pajamas and headed outside.

Four little angels . . .

Having fun walking the path Daddy made for them in the driveway

When you only have one sled that Mommy is pulling, Daddy got creative

And of course you have to end the fun with Hot Chocolate . . .still in pj's : )

When it came time for quiet times and naps, the girls all wanted to be together. And when one girl got a sleeping bag, they all wanted a sleeping bag.  Charis usually naps, my girls?  Haha - those got dropped at two.  So I was pretty curious to see what would actually happen.

One girl ready . . .

2nd Girl ready . . .

Third girl ready . .. 

10 minutes later?!!

It may have been one of our more fun and relaxing weekends of winter.  Thanks for joining the fun Charis!