Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Florida Part Two

We spent the first part of spring break in Ft. Meyers with Ryan's Grandma and Grandpa.  The girls were SOOO excited to get there . . .and SOOOO excited to head straight to the pool.

Can you tell they just came from the aquarium . .. any guess what they are playing?

Dolphin Trainer : )

Grandma Great had gone shopping and bought Easter Dresses for the girls they were so excited about it.  We headed to Target that night to look for shoes to match.  Gpa and Gma Prevo had sent our girls with a small present to open each day of vacation.  Their first day held a $1 each.  Ava was THRILLED with her find at Target for her dress.  

Sunday Morning ready for church

Ava waited a whole year just to drive the golf cart again.

A happy little girl

And happy passengers

Making Easter Eggs - good thing we got some cute pictures. Some may remember my post on facebook regarding this . . .lets just say this was one of those times what you imagine wasn't exactly what panned out.  Yay for next year! : )

Another day's present from Gpa and Gma - little ballerina dolls!

Monday was an absolutely gorgeous day.  And with the forever winter we have had, it felt like such a gift. I headed out for a good run and just had to soak in the sunshine and day.

And when you have these characters driving by at random, who wouldn't enjoy the run!

I could usually hear them long before I saw them.  Love these crazy gigglers.

Then it was a beautiful long afternoon at the pool

Playing dolphins again - this time Daddy was the trainer

Kate took off swimming under water this trip - swimming underwater through the noodle

Olivia on Ava on Daddy : )

Olivia opted out next go round : )

Playing games with Grandma Great