Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a day with Aunt Tara

Earlier this summer, Aunt Tara offered to spend a fun day with just Ava before she had to head back to school. She sweetly agreed to work it out to take her while I was potty training. Ava was thrilled to go spend the day with one of her favorite people and I was thrilled to not deal with sisters fighting while trying to potty train. : )

They started their day off at the zoo
Ava with the wallaby (it is there)
Ava's favorite - the sea lions. She loved watching them get fed.
Still LOVES the carousel
snack time!

Having fun with one of her favorite people - she always points out proudly that "I have curly hair like Aunt Tara!" (although she'll often then say, "I wish had REALLY curly hair like Aunt Tara.") : )
Being silly at the gift shop

After the zoo, they headed back to Aunt Tara's for lunch and more fun

Making Marshmallow treats

Eating lunch!

Chalk fun
The finished art work
She was quite excited to take her journal and show Aunt Tara how she's working on her letters - she thinks it's SO cool her aunt is a teacher.
Thanks for making it such a special day for Ava, Tara!
It's a little obvious why didn't she didn't want the day to end. : )


Amy said...

nieces & aunts - priceless!! xoxo