Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 years old!

FINALLY, Ava turned 4. For the past month, she's known her birthday was
coming but would adamently argue with anyone that she was still "3 1/2!!" She'd always ask me "how long until I"m 4?" It was pretty cute when on her birthday she came running downstairs and asked, "Mom, NOW am I 4?!" and then lit up when I could finally respond, "YES!"

Thrilled to be practicing her letters in her very own new journal (just like mom's!)!
Ryan took the afternoon off and we had an afternoon of swimming planned. It was a little rocky of an hour when we got some news from our agency regarding our dossier. Long story short? Our girls very patiently hung in there with us while we spent an hour running all around town trying to get one last document taken care of that we were having problems with.
Kate has developed a scowl that lingers a little too often for her mommy sometimes lately. However, it makes me laugh sometimes too. Is her life really that hard?
But, we forgot the camera in the car at the pool. : )

After a fun afternoon of swimming, we headed out for a birthday dinner.

Olivia excited to head out

A happier Kate - mommy likes this face better
Quick shot with Daddy
Mommy and the birthday girl
Reading her musical Rapunzel card : )
Showing off her new clothes
Kate and Olivia enjoying the kiosk with games a little too much : )
And then like any good child's birthday, Ava got to come home and help Daddy shuck corn. : )
Ava Cherise, you have grown up so much lately! I love to watch your creativity: whether coloring, playing or imagining. I love how much you still love to snuggle by your mommy and just BE with the people you love. It's been so fun to watch your fascination with learning your letters and how to write words and your excitement as each new accomplishment. You're one special little girl and I'm so thankful you're in our lives. We love you!


Amy said...

Ava Cherise: These pictures make me smile!!! You are a sparkle of sunshine! We love you! xoxo

mom Bahr said...

Ava you are growing up - what a joy to see little angels grow up! xoxox