Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WAIT LISTED!!!! (and a giveaway!!)

On aug. 10th, we received news we've waited almost exactly 9 months (4 days off!) to hear: We were officially placed on our agency's waitlist. Paperwork was finished (hooray!) and we were one huge step closer. We were pretty thankful.

Our agency isn't able to give us a "real" time frame. However, they are giving an estimate of 18 months at this point - although that's a very loose estimate. With getting on the wait list? Came our first official set of numbers.

You know those moments you picture happening perfectly in your mind? This wasn't quite how I pictured it. : )

Our girl's wait list number (Ava really is excited about this)

Our boy wait list number
In case it was hard to read:

Girl Number: 126
Boy Number: 95

At this point in our journey, we should see at least some movement every month. At this place on the list, there are "phantom" spots essentially. So one family may be approved for up to 2 children between the ages of 0 and 4. They would be on the girl list, boy list, and sibling list. However, say they receive a referral for a 2 yr old boy. They then come off the girl list, boy list and sibling list all at once and everyone is affected. You see the "phantom spots." The closer we get, the smaller the movement will be as those in front of us will more and more resemble our own family's parameters.

But all that detailed stuff aside, we had to find something to celebrate with and what better thing to do than a give away!

When we did a giveaway a while back for Ordinary Hero, a number of you mentioned really liking this long-sleeved hoodie. So the winner of our giveaway will receive the hoodie in their desired size in their mailbox.

But there's a catch. : )

Ryan and I think we have a girl name we really like if we would be referred a girl. But so far, we haven't found a boy name we like. This is a long ways away, but I thought, why not combine the two?! : )

SO, to be entered into the giveaway for your own long sleeved hoodie, all you have to do is give us a boy's name suggestion.

Want a bigger catch? I'd love there to be some African history or meaning to the name. Our girl's name has that and it's partly why I love it. Although, I'm open to hearing other suggestions as well.

You have until Sunday night, Aug. 21st. : )


Sarah said...

Great idea! I love picking out baby names. Can you give us a general idea of what "kind" of names you like? What what kind you don't like?

Wow, I'm taking this way to seriously!! LOL!

I'll be back :)

CONGRATS on your numbers!

Jon y Amy said...

Haha, I've got it! Tupac! "A Warrior".

I'll be back with something more serious. Congrats on the waitlist!!!

Amber said...

Sarah - love it! And totally a fair question.

What we like is somewhat why it's hard to find a name. I tend to like fairly classic, clearly male and female names (well to our american ears : ) ). African boy names can be "interesting" - there have been times I've thought, let's just see if we're blessed with a boy, what his given name is, and then possibly find a nickname out of it. We may still do that.

Either way, we want our child's given name to be a part of their name somehow - most likely as their middle name unless God moves our hearts otherwise. That's why we probably won't share names until we know our child's story and decide what feels best for him or her.

So all that to say? I'm more just interested to see people's suggestions and don't have too many rules for you for now. How's that for NO help at all. : ) I'll be excited to hear people's thoughts!

Sarah said...

Okay, I'm back.:)

The African names that I like:
Dawit (my fav:))

Here's some cute American names I thought sounded good with your girlies:

Can't wait to hear what you decide!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Here are my favs:


I got all the cushions washed in my car seat and stroller - sooooo excited! Now I just need a little lady to fill it! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

oh brother, you probably figured it out, but that comment was from me : )


Mouseymom said...

Ethan--means Solid and Enduring.

I picked Ethan as I did a bit of research for some meaningful things in Ethiopia and there is some amazing Christian churches hewed from SOLID stone 800 years ago. I love that it combines the Ethiopian Heritage, Christian roots and of course Christ as the ultimate Solid Rock.

here is a link to read about the stone hewn churches...

Amy said...

I always love your any name will be perfect! xoxo

Mindy said...

LOVE this giveaway!!! SO FUN! Here are my favorite male African names...

Ade (pronounced a-day) - Royal (LOVE this name!!)

Kellan - Powerful

Taye - He has been seen

emilykate said...

Amanuel (god with us)
Gabriel (god is my strength)

And they can both be shortened nicely. :)

Jon y Amy said...

Okay, my serious answer, friends of ours brought home Tedros, "gift of God" and it can be Teddy when he is little. :)

Nicole said...

Name: Asukile
Meaning: The Lord has washed me

rahattan2003 said...

Issa- God is salvation (Swahili)

I can't imagine why I like that name.


Janell said...

Not sure of the meaning, but a friend brought home a little boy named
Taye from ET. In ET it's pronounced "tie" but they say "tay". I also really like Titus. Congrats! :)

Ashley Baner said...

I like
Chike~ God's strength
Enam~ gift from God
Kaleb~ heart (or dog!!)

I like it when people pick a name they like and then put something from the kid's original name as the middle name.