Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The fair!

We headed out for a quick evening at the fair the other week - the girls were super excited.

Watching the girls barrel race - Kate didn't want to leave
We walked through the horse stables for a while. A little girl there let the girls feed her horse some snacks.
Petting the bunny
On to some rides - first try? The ever beloved slide.
"Remembering" how much she likes it : )
Kate's turn . . .
She wasn't a huge fan. : )
Then Olivia headed on up . . .
As soon as she got down, she was ready to go again. In fact, there were rides she wanted on that we wouldn't let her. : )
Kate found a home with the truck "train" ride.
Ava and Olivia in their truck
Happy girls
Right as we got our snack, the puppet show was starting so we settled in to enjoy it.
Ava and Kate
Daddy and Ava
Kate and Olivia didn't think it was as fun as Ava
It won't win an emmy but hey, it was free : )
Since Kate and Olivia were less than thrilled with the show, we left Daddy and Ava to finish it and went to enjoy one last truck ride before heading home.

Loved the fun family time together . . .until next year!