Monday, August 22, 2011

Giveaway winner . . ..

Giveaways make me happy.

So does my husband walking in the door with my favorite decaf coffee, creamer (Bailey's flavored : ),) and getting to drink them together in my favorite mug (who says family christmas gift exchanges don't give good gifts?!)
You know what also makes me happy?

The news that referrals went out today and that our august numbers are even more out of date (not to mention it brings a special friend that much closer to having her baby girl home soon!).

But on to the give away.

I put all your names in one of our trusty Lifesong mugs (which my girls love).
Ryan humored me and was my random "digit" selector.

So the winner of the white burn out hoodie from Ordinary Hero?

That's Sara with no h (Sorry Sarah : ) ).

But did I mention I'm happy (and feeling generous) tonight?

So Ryan drew again. The winner who gets to pick out a favorite t-shirt from Ordinary Hero?

Tricia! : )

I tried to get a picture of my very enthusiastic helper and this was all I got. He's really VERY happy for all of you.
But then I decided I was having too much fun. So I told Ryan he had to pick his favorite name from those suggested for THAT person to win a $5 starbucks gift card.

Now I will confess that I have mentioned to him my favorites from the list already. But his decision wasn't to worry about my opinion.

But he's a smart man . . .and agreed with me. : )


Mindy . . won a $5 gift card to Starbucks!

Sara and Tricia? Email me your address and shirt size (and the t-shirt you want, Tricia) and I'll get those shirts in the mail to you.

It was so fun reading all the suggestions . . .and the meanings. Thanks for joining in the fun!


Mouseymom said...

Yayyyyyy! I would say you two DID get carried away with a generous spirit! Thank you! Can't wait!

Mindy said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! I feel SO honored!!!! Maybe it's good I didn't stay up much later last night to read this - it made my morning!!!! THANK YOU!!!

And thanks for the honorable mention in the beginning - my heart is beating a little faster today at the hopes of what may come much sooner than we thought!!!

Oh how I can't wait until BOTH our babies are home and we can have play dates with them!!!

Love you!

Amy said...

smiling for you!! xoxo