Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun at the hotel: by Ava

A few weeks ago, my parents were in town for the weekend. They sweetly offered to take the girls to a hotel for a couple of nights for some fun with them and quiet for us. : ) It was a fabulous change of pace and the girls had just as much fun. Not sure what to expect, I sent the camera with Ava and told her to take some pictures for me. Here's what I found:

Watching "Tangled"
Kate and Oliva . . .I'm SURE not getting in ANY trouble

Playing on "her" bed
Kate and Olivia playing on theirs
A picture of the horse magnet Grandpa got Ava
Busy coloring one morning
Thanks for the fun "get away" grandpa and grandma. Every time the girls drive by the hotel they all yell out, "There's grandma's hotel!"

I think this may need to be a tradition . . . : )


mom Bahr said...

It was fun for us too - we will have to do that again some time!! It might be more helpful for you if next time we stay on the girl's sleep schedule instead of 'fun night schedule'!! love & hugs, mom