Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ava's Birthday Party

The sunday before Ava's birthday, we had Ryan's family over for a birthday party. It was a Rapunzel themed extravaganza . . .it's so fun watching Ava anticipate everything so much. She was giggly with excitement as every one came in - showing off her cake and running around.

Seems crazy that I now set up our own "kid's table"
Rest of decorations
A happy almost birthday girl with her beloved Rapunzel cake
Janet's did an awesome job (and yum)
Then because my girls loved it so much last time, we had to come up with another game. So "pin cinderella in the window" began . . .

Olivia took the first turn - we let her go blindfold free
Uncle David gets blindfolded AND spun
Grandma's turn
Apparently I was going for the same spot
Grandpa was a little off . . .
Or maybe I should say, "Like father, like son." I love Ava giggling at her daddy in this one.
Birthday girl gets ready to go
I may have purposely tied it so she could see a little . . . ; )
Kate's turn!
Grandpa Mel was even a good sport
Ready for presents!
Hmmm . . .
New clothes are always a hit with this little girl
Cake time!
blowing out the candles
Playing with her new Rapunzel horse in her room with Aunt Tara
Kate just monkeying around
Which means that Olivia must join in too!