Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ava's letter

Ava has been all into writing "letters" lately. The individual ones ("A," "V," "Q," etc) AND letters to others. She's figured out that letters are supposed to create words, which can make messages, which you can give to others. Love this part of watching my kids grow up!

About a week or so ago, Ava finished her quiet time while I was still getting ready from showering. She found my journal on my bed with my pen from earlier devotions and started working very intensely on a blank page. She would talk quietly to herself as she worked on each letter.

"Thank you for going swimming with me. Thank you for going to the park with me. Thank you for sleeping in my room with me. . . ."

I figured out pretty quickly she was writing a "thank you note" to her cousin Sophie who had just been to our house a couple weeks earlier. I was all prepared to help her put it in the mail to her cousin when she was done.

But Ava kept working . . .and working. I guess somewhere in the process, Sophie's thank you note ended (sorry Soph!) and another note began.

Pretty soon, she came up to me, quite proud, and said, "Mom, this note is for you!"

Then came her ever following, "What does it say?" : )

So I replied the only answer that would realistically make sense.

"My mom is the best mom in the whole wide world."

To which my sweet daughter immediately (and quite sweetly to save her mother's pride) replied, "I'll go add that right now."

I'm raising a good one I tell you. : )


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so sweet

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How precious - can you make a book out of your blog to bless your hearts in the years to come??