Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day of school!

Ava started preschool last week and it's a been a huge success. She loves going, loves her teachers and loves her friends. Thankfully, the transitions have been MUCh better than last year - crazy how much they grow up in a year. I've stopped asking who she played with each day . . .as I always get the same exasperated response, "I played with LOTS of kids today mom."

First day smiles (in her new "school" shirt she bought with Gma P)
Kate and Olivia had to get in the picture too
Her first day was just an hour and I got to go with her. She wanted to be able to show Kate and Olivia some of the stuff at her preschool.

The kitchen
The reading loft
Super fun - friends at sunday school and preschool
Checking out the classroom's fish with one of her teachers
Then she started directing the shots - a picture outside
Can't believe how fast my firstborn is growing up
And what makes a great day even more fun? Coming home to Aunt Tara and getting some quality play time in before she had to leave
Here's to a fun year of learning!


Sarah said...

Sounds like Emitt. He gets SO annoyed with my "who did you play with?", "What did you eat for snack?", "who are your friends?" questions!!

So glad she's enjoying!

mom Bahr said...

What a great big sister Ava! Hope you have lots of fun with lots of friends at 'school'. Let me know when grandma's can come and play too! love & hugs, grandma Bahr