Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a rarity

So one of the things I've noticed lately is how few pictures of my girls and me that I have. I'm the one who tends to grab the camera in the family and by consequence, most (if not all)playing/snuggling shots are of Ryan and the girls. One of my absolute favorite pictures I have of Ava and myself was taken by my Aunt Cindy when I took Ava home to michigan for the first time at 8 weeks old.
A few weekends ago, my cousin Brad and his new wife Jenna had a wedding reception we were at and my Aunt Cindy was there again with her faithful camera. She took some snapshots of me and the girls and just emailed me one of the pictures today as she was still working on the rest. I LOVE it.

Olivia and Mommy

I can't wait to see some of the others you took Aunt Cindy - thanks for making my day!


Busy Mom said...

So sweet! I know what you mean by not having mommy in any pictures. The same happens at our house. I have to make an effort to remember to ask someone to take one for me.

Amy Cherise said...

Beautiful Amber!!! You are such a sweet and loving mom. xoxox

Minders said...

So sweet! The same usually happens at our house as well. Michael finally "got the picture" (pun intended!) after seeing our pictures from last year's trip to Michigan where I was in a grand total of TWO pictures and one was of me from the back so you couldn't even see my face. This year he did a great job taking pictures with me in them!

Minders said...

Oops, that was actually supposed to be posted on that last post, not this one. :)

So my comment for this one...

She is so darling! I love her little grumpy face!

Amber said...

Mindy - I had just commented to Ryan about it, kind of lamenting it, so he has taken more pictures of me with the girls in the last week than probably the last year combined (without me specifically asking anyways : ) ).

Aunt Cindy said...

DEAR Amber,

I am thrilled and honored that you are so pleased with my photos. As everyone knows, I love taking photos, but it is especially fun when you have such wonderful subjects to work with. I can't wait to e-mail you the rest of the photos of the girls. They just smiled and smiled for me. I loved taking their pictures. Just give me a few days to finish working on the rest of the photos from Brad & Jenna's reception for Aunt Connie and then I will send them.

Love you lots,
Aunt Cindy