Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kate and Olivia's first taste of cereal

Tonight we gave the twins' their first taste of cereal.

Some of you may remember Ava's first encounter with the stuff.

We'll just say she liked it.

So I was a little curious to see how the twins would do.

Despite the fact that I probably made it thicker than I should have, Olivia was decently interested and did all right with it, although there's definitely room for improvement.


Let's just say I think Kate would prefer to pass next time.

Although in her defense, her diligent face washer named Ava probably didn't help the cause.

I'll let you see for yourself.


Haley said...

It is so cute to see the difference between all 3 girls. I forgot how into it Ava was!! :) Great captures on video Amber!

Minders said...

lol...oh that is funny! Kate totally grimaces each time you get close to her with that spoon! And I was so laughing as Olivia was grabbing your hand and seeing Kate getting smothered my the towel in the funny!

What beautiful little girls! We love them all!

Kristy L said...

Hilarious!! Ava is such a little "helper". Poor Kate.

Amber said...

Yes, willingness is never a problem when it comes to Ava "helping." We're still working on technique. : )

And interesting to note, Ava is actually a full month younger than the twins in her video.

grandma Bahr said...

Another milestone for Kate & Olivia! God is still demonstrating how unique and special they each are - even with eating! They are adorable! lonesome for you, mom

Amy Cherise said...

love this!! the girls are growing up so fast!! xoxo

Marla H. said...

So funny! All three girls are so precious!!!! I love Ava's new pics from Roots, too!!!