Saturday, August 8, 2009

all in a saturday . . .

A saturday with nothing to do and nowhere to go except where our whims take us? That's been a rarity of lately so we had to take full advantage of it!"

On the way home from the gym this morning, a new learning center just opening up was throwing a free kid's carnival. So we pulled on in and Ava had a ball!

Ava got to jump in her first moon bounce - we could hardly pull her away. I'm thinking a trampoline may go high on her christmas list this year. She LOVES to jump (and mom thinks it sounds like a great way to get energy out this winter : ) ).

Amongst the many other activities (games, petting zoo, animal balloons/tatoos, hotdogs - you name it!) were pony rides. After some initial hesitation, Ava loudly declared she wanted to ride the pony and loved it (although notice the tight clinging to mommy? : ) ).
And please note the emphasis of ON THE WAY HOME FROM THE GYM . . .

Before Ava went down for her nap, she helped me bake some birthday cupcakes for her party with Gpa and Gma Prevo tomorrow. She was quite proud that she stirred by "self." I promised her I would bake them while she slept and she was quite excited to see them waiting to be frosted once she woke up.

We got straight to work.

Hmmm. This frosting stuff is kind of good.

I'll try some more.

After she ate all the frosting off the cupcake she had frosted, she put it down, and reached out for "another one." She would have frosted that one and just eaten the top off of that one too if I would have let her.

next came the sprinkles.

and a taste.

And sprinkles.

and a taste.

and sprinkles.

and a taste (do you see a theme yet?!). I was a little sick to my stomach watching by now but hey - your birthday only comes around once a year!

And because my daughter hadn't ingested enough sugar yet, after dinner, we took her to Dairy Queen for a "pre-birthday treat." Ava's treat of choice? A "red slush."

And through it all where did my two sweet munchkins hang out for much of the day?



And with that I'm off to get a house ready for an almost 2 yr old's birthday!


Minders said...

Happy Birthday Ava! You are SO cute! It's been too long since I've seen you! Those pictures just made me are the life of the party sweet girl! Enjoy eating lots of cupcakes on your birthday! We love you!

Jessica said...

So precious :) I cant belive she is going to be 2 years old! I love her little personality...what a sweet girl! Your day sounds wonderful!!!

Amy Cherise said...

birthday hugs to ava cherise from sophie and cole!!!
and O & K look more and more alike!!! to cute!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big all the girls are in just a few weeks - can't wait to celebrate with Ava and see Kate & Olivia...AND you and Ryan tomorrow!! thanks for the fun photos. love & hugs, mom

Jamie Bahr said...

Happy Birthday Ava! Did you get a haircut? It sure looks adorable!