Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Party #1 and THE WIGGLES! : )

Ava's birthday was this past sunday - it was so fun to have her at an age where she anticipated it and got excited about. Our family "tradition" (if two years counts for a tradition : ) ) is to decorate the kitchen and have their presents waiting for them when they wake up.

Ava was excited to see the streamers in her doorway (although she is still at the age, that in most pictures, her expression just seems to say "huh?" : )
Before we went downstairs, Ava insisted on holding Kate and trying to help her finish her bottle.

Time to burp!

Playing with her new doctor's kit. She loves to tell her babies "be brave" before giving them a shot.

We had a birthday party that night with the Prevo's. I was so sad when I realized after the party that all my pictures, were just of Ava. So maybe Gpa and Gma will have to email me some of their's (hint, hint).
I made the mistake of bringing out her cupcake in the middle of coloring. She dutifully blew out the candle . . .and then returned to her more pressing work.

Opening presents!
A new dress from Grandma Great (while sitting in her new chair from Aunt Callie and Uncle David)

She loved her care bear card from Gpa and Gma.

And her new sleeping bag has gotten lots of use since she opened it up!

The biggest hit? Ava's new swing. Several times throughout the day she points it out to me through the windows. : )

Even Kate loved her first time swinging outside like a "big kid" (although Grandma playing with her might have had something to do with it).

Then last night, Ryan and I took Ava out for a night on the town to go see the Wiggles live. Truthfully, both Ryan and I said the best part was almost the entire day BEFORE the show. Ava was so excited and jumping off the walls as she'd tell you "See the wiggles. Babies. Home. Grandma." Here we are ready to head on our way.

Once we got there, pretty much any picture attempt ended like this. She was too fascinated by the huge room, lots of people and noise. Although she'd periodically call out VERY loudly, "SEE THE WIGGLES" as she waited. : )

With how excited Ava had been, I had kind of forgotten how I initially expected her to kind of freak out when the show started with all the sounds and noise. Well sure enough, about 2 minutes in, her fascination turned to tears. The good news? They were short lived. It was fun watching her try and take it all in . . .from the security of my lap. I don't think she sat in her seat for all of 5 minutes the entire time. But it was so fun to watch the show through her eyes.

Ava was quite excited when Dorothy and Wags came out.

Daddy and Ava after the show.

We didn't think we'd be allowed to use our video camera and so didn't take it along. So once I can figure out how to load the videos we took off our camera, I'll have to post a couple. You could tell Ava soaked in her night out with just her and mommy and daddy. We love you Ava Cherise and couldn't be more thankful for you!!!


Minders said...

How fun! What a great idea to take Ava out on a special date just the three of you! She is so darling! We love you Ava!

Amy Cherise said...

what a sweet idea to just take ava out!!! xoxo

kasey said...

Your girls are so stinking adorable, Amb. I can't wait to introduce our little ladies someday!!!