Wednesday, August 5, 2009

guess who is 5 months old?!

Kate (left) and Olivia (right)
Yes, technically they were 5 months old on monday. But with our busy schedule these past few weeks, only two days late is quite impressive.
Sweet Olivia
Happy Kate

I tell you . . .it's all in how you train them.
(ahh - the joy in selective photo sharing. : ) )

Playing with Daddy before heading to bed

Sunday brought about a spontanious trip to Mattoon to go visit Ryan's Grandpa. He'd never seen the twins before so it was fun to be able to introduce them to their Grandpa Jack.

Ava spent the good part of her day playing with the birthday balloon Grandpa Jack gave her. Can you believe she turns two NEXT WEEK!?!?!?! As we've talked about it with her, we've spent part of our days lately singing "Happy Birthday" to whomever crosses her mind. It's a new favorite. Good chance it's been sung for you!

Oh how I love these two girls.
Kate and Olivia - while there are times you manage to exhaust mommy with your double team. . .I couldn't imagine life without the pair of you. Your smiles and giggles (and even your wiggles ; ) ) bring joy to our house every single day.


Jessica said...

they are so precious amber! Makes me want to run over to your house and squeeze them right now :)

Amy Cherise said...

As Sophie says: THEY ARE TO CUTE!!! xoxo from the lake!

Jen said...

Can they really be 5 months already? They're so precious.

Krista said...

They are so smiley and cute! Fun to see them. Looks like Ava is still holding her own, too.

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful and have delightful smiles. Thanks for sharing their 5 month pictures (just a couple days late is very good!!!!)
Teresa Cunningham

Minders said...

They are darling! I LOVE their smiles! Happy 5 months sweet girls!