Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Party #2

It's a little belated, but here's a few snapshots from Ava's other birthday with my side of the family.

We spent the afternoon swimming and Ava had a ball. After a slow start in the pool this summer, she was ready to go full swing ahead. I lost count of the number of times she'd go off the diving board and as soon as her feet had hit the water would be saying, "MORE!"

The two birthday girls: Addy and Ava!

The only present I got of picture of was one she got from my parents. The video of it all is pretty cute - she was so excited as soon as she saw and ran full speed for it and got on. Then all of a sudden she looked up and saw this crowd of people all standing around looking at her and shut down. She refused to ride it.

When you don't want to ride, what do you do? PUSH! Within two minutes of having it outside the next afternoon, Ava was a pro and loves driving it around the yard. It's been fun to watch her.

Getting ready to blow her candles out on her birthday cake.

She is a frosting girl - licking the frosting off the bottom of the cake.

Olivia was all set to party.


Amy Cherise said...

Wish we could have been at the party!! xoxo

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Your children are simply beautiful.